Women: The Power

I am starting a new blog page series called, Women: The Power. It is a page designed to highlight us and all that we contribute to the world. It is designed to bring attention to women all over the world, about women from all over the world! Regardless of what or where they are or what they do. This page is to celebrate Women of the past, Women of today and how both, are paving the way for Women of the future.

I was inspired to start this page, based upon the movement of LeanIn. A movement started by COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg and founder of Lean In. She has started a whole conversation, that is long overdo to discuss. All women of ambition, drive, ad strength being called Bossy!

#banbossy is a strong message that seriously needs to be shouted through the halls and the streets. It needs to said that if we want to change our world and it’s current direction, then we’ve got to address this right now. We can’t wait another moment. Too much time has passed and we must change the scope of our minds. We must change the train of thought of young girls. So many of them feel inferior to boys. They feel that they can’t lead. Let alone lead, many of them are afraid to speak up and speak their minds. And if we want our young girls to realize and embrace the strength that they’ve got, then we’ve got to give them the strength to discover their strength.

And I am hoping that this conversation will come up among young women. Instead of always talking about clothes, hair and boys, I hope that more of them will take this subject on and get a serious dialogue going.

So, what do you say? Let’s start talking!


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