Have you seen the latest popular trend on Twitter?

Well, on my Facebook newsfeed, the hastag #ThanksMichelleObama is trending worldwide. Now, obviously one might think that this was friendly or a sign of gratitude for something that she did. But, no such luck. It’s actually sarcasm. Apparently, there are a lot of students that taking pictures of their lunches and are tweeting them under this hashtag.

This has become a fast catching trend and many people are split, opinions wise. There are many people that feel she is responsible, while others feel that it’s not all her fault. Well, my Mom just made a point that I must share with you.

Mom said that in a way, it is her fault and here’s why. She made the point that many kids only get one meal a day and that meal comes from school. And since that’s the case, the food was delicious to them. And when this change happened, it caused the young people to become dissatisfied with the food. And many people are bringing food from fast food restaurants to schools for their children. So, the purpose is defeated.

Even though, I feel that it’s the schools that are fixing these meals, I do get her point. At first, I felt that it wasn’t her fault. But now, I am beginning to see her point. I know that she’s right. There are many people that don’t have food. And so many kids don’t get the nutrition that they deserve. And many people are blaming Mrs. Obama for it.

Now, I am a fan of hers, but I do kind of get what people are saying. Even though, I am a major fan of hers. I hate the fact that the kids are not enjoying their meals. I want all kids to be able to eat and be healthy. I believe in having healthy choices. But, I would much rather have kids eating Good food, than to not eat at all. Even if the food is fast food. It’s something for them to eat. And sometimes, it’s best not to get involved with people’s eating habits. Because even though there are a lot of food that is unhealthy and fatty, if you have to choose between food that looks disgusting and tasty food that is calories filled, people will choose the latter.

And while it may be more expensive, people are willing to pay the prices. Now, one thing that I didn’t get. Is the connection between employment and healthy eating. My point is if people were to stop buying fast food, then that would effect the economy. Because it would effect the jobs, it would effect the businesses and more. Not to say that everyone would stop buying fast food. We all know that’s not going to happen. But, this plan of healthy eating has great intentions. But, there are a few flaws to it.I think that we all should watch what we eat. I know that I’ve cut back on a lot of things that I had been eating and decided to change up my habits. But, I must say that every now and then, a little fast food does taste good. And sometimes, you just don’t feel like cooking!

And let’s face it. In what has been called the richest country in the world, we shouldn’t have homeless or hungry people here! That is just insane! We shouldn’t have that problem! There should not be people that are begging for a place to stay and food. Not in what is called the Greatest Nation on Earth! That’s my opinion.

I just hope and pray that this situation will be resolved in a healthy, drama free way. Because everyone deserves the same Good treatment. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and deserves to have a warm bed and a good hearty meal.


Veterans’ Day

What a special day that this is! A day that is solely dedicated to our Veterans and their families. For all of the people that have served our country with pride and honor. With strength and relentlessness.  This country is amazing and we owe so much of that to you. The way that you have protected this land, is nothing short of Outstanding and Selfless.

I am always amazed at the families of our soldiers. The way that they pick up their lives and move from home to home. Sometimes with their families, sometimes alone. They have to struggle to find jobs and homes. To find a way to constantly adjust to new surroundings, to help their families adjust and to build new relationships. Not knowing if they are going to stay put for six months, a year, less or longer.

That type of uncertainty has to weigh on a person and when that person is in charge of the household and then they’ve got children, whom have to grow up a lot faster then they’d want to. Taking on big responsibilities and helping to take of their younger siblings.

It’s not easy to be a military family. And the fear of the phone call that no family wants to get.

These proud and brave people are what makes us great! It’s what makes the land of the free and the home of the brave. I know that I am incredibly proud to be an american, and these people are such a major reason. I say to all of you, thank you.

Thank you for your service, your selfless acts of bravery and sacrifice. Your families, that make it possible for you to do what you do, I say thank you! To all of the people in the world that have served, will serve and made the ultimate sacrifice serving, I say Thank you, We Love you, We honor you and we are forever Grateful that you make this country what it is!

God Bless America!!!!


A new and powerful movement. Empowerment. Toughness. Strength. Relentlessness.

These are all qualities that we women must have, in order to get what we want and need. We must work harder than we think we will and we must be more patient. And as frustrating as it is, we’ve got no other choice. Or do we?

Well, I say that often times we do have to take initiative and step out on faith and go for what we can’t see. That’s exactly what faith is. Stepping out on what we can’t see and hoping that our risk will pay off for us. Of course, it’s hard to wait and to just believe that everything is going to work for you and you’re not seeing much progress. But one thing that I’ve learned. If you don’t have much else, you must have Faith. Being unemployed, I’ve learned the art of Patience and having Faith. Times are hard and bills must be paid. But, I’ve got faith that the job I need will come. But, that doesn’t mean that I am just sitting around and waiting on the phone to ring. Just like the song that I’m listening to, as I write this post, “Go Get it, Go Get it, Go Get your blessing!” – Mary Mary. Very Powerful and I believe what this songs says. You’ve got to believe in yourself, especially when no one else will.

That’s one of the biggest challenges that we as Females face. We are always told that we need to just get married and have children. Let the Man take care of us. Don’t think or speak. Just be nice, quiet and pretty. There are so many people that still think that is all that we should be. And we’re still tearing down those walls. And we’ve got to tear them down, while wearing heels and having our make-up perfectly in place.

But, what’s great about things, is that some of that is finally changing. We’re finally seeing our reflection on TV and magazine covers. We’re finally seeing Women that juggling families and careers and we’re seeing single women that are being sophisticated professional while battling with the stereotypical expectations that accompanies it. Dealing with failing relationships or attempting to keep a relationship that is important, alive and stable.

The way that things are changing, some of it is good and some still needs work. But, even though we’ve seen progress, we’re still fighting for a spot on the dance floor. A seat at the table. To show what we’re made of. We’re seeing great women make huge strides forward and many more are waiting on their turn.

Well, to all of us, I would like to offer this advice. Those women that we see who are where we hope to be, have been where we are right now. They remember the frustration, hearing No, the loud sound of slamming doors in their faces and the waiting. And guess what? They are still facing challenges!

Even though they are better off now than they were, they’re still dealing with crap! Just unfair, but it’ll get better. It won’t stay that way forever. It never does.

So, Ladies believe this hashtag. More importantly, believe the meaning and message behind it. It’s not just something that should be trending. But, it’s something that we should live and instill in our daily lives. We need to say this to ourselves everyday. This needs to become a mantra for us. I know I plan on using this, in my daily life.

CoverGirl has coined this new phrase and I am proud of them for doing so. I think that it’s a great thing to see a cosmetics line, create and support this. It means a lot to me.

So, here’s to us. Because we #GirlsCan!

Life, Love and Things like that

One of the greatest things about life? Not just what you accomplish, the money you make, or the promotions that you earn. It’s the people, the lives you come into, and the people that touches you. It’s about the people that has helped you and the people that has hurt you.

It’s about the mistakes made and the lessons learned. It’s about the ways that you are able to help those that you don’t think that you are even equipped to help. It’s the smiles that you’re able to put on the faces of those around you. Have you ever thought about the way that you come across to people? Have you ever gone home after work and thought about how people approached you? What was your response? Were you the person that you like to tell people you are? Or did the stress of the day bring out a different side of you?

What about your relationships? Are you treating the people that are in your life well? Are they getting the love, appreciation and respect that they deserve? The love that you promised them? The love that you tell people that you give them?

What about time? Do you give your time? Do you give your time to your friends, family, pets? Sometimes, our pets get treated better than people! Isn’t that sad? Sometimes, people will say hell to their dogs, cats, etc and barely say two words to their own family members! What’s even sadder than that, you might ask? Well, what if the pets are more dedicated, loving and loyal to you than anyone else?

Sometimes, we are thrown into a new world that is strange and can be overwhelming. I’ll give you a personal example.

I’ve always had trust issues with men.  Basically, dealing with the lack of a Father in my life caused me to think that pretty much every man that I would ever meet, would be the same way.   Well recently, my friends, whom are mostly Men might I add, have really shown me that I was wrong. They’ve shown me that every man is not a jerk. And even though I knew that all Men couldn’t be as bad, it was still hard to see that. Sometimes, it takes the unexpected people to show you new things about yourself and your life. It’s nice to for people to appreciate you for who are, on the inside. A deeper connection.

Nothing about any of us is perfect and we’re all a work in progress. But, what makes us better people is how we are to others. Especially to those whom are less than fair to us. That is what we are judged upon.

Life, Love and Things like that, is what makes us who we are. It’s what makes us human. We are ever-changing. And that can be scary and intimidating. But, just take your time and think things thoroughly through. Don’t hasten to make a decision. Take your time. Trust me. The time you take, will be beneficial to the decision that you will make.