A Really Long time, No Blog!!!

Hey everyone!!!

I haven’t blogged since last year! Very unlike me. But, I’ve been through a lot in that year! So, let me catch you guys up!


Since I last blogged, I’d been out of work for 8 months!!!! That’s right, 8 Months! It was depressing and a very long journey, but it was character building. I was fired from my job as a Pharmacy Tech. I  loved that job! That job meant so much to me! I was at this hospital and I was proud of my job. I didn’t look at the hospital like a lot of other people looked at, you know like a God works there. But, I was just happy to be in the job. After graduating from Pharmacy school I’d been looking for work in Pharmacy for 8 years! It took me that long to get into a Pharmacy. So, when I finally got there, I worked HARD! I got up at 4:30 am to get to work by 6 am. I worked and I ran medicine to patients that needed it. When lives depended on the medicine, I made sure that it got there. Now mind you, I am a Big girl, but when I have to move, I can get there.

So, I went to work with pride and excitement! I thought that I would be there for years, I had even planned my finances around making a down payment on a place and everything. I really thought that this was where my career would start. However, they didn’t feel the same way that I did. I worked that day my entire time and then, when they said that they wanted to talk to me, I’d already prepared myself for the news.

The Lord had already revealed to me what they were going to do. He’d told me that once they started hiring mew people, that they were going to get rid of me. But, I really tried to do the job to the best of my ability, so I could remain in Pharmacy. However, the new hires started to arrive and before you know it, everything started to unravel. I saw it happening and could do nothing. I tried and I fought, but it still kept happening.

i now know, that God was testing me and I realize that. I am now working harder than I did before and I am grateful to have a job that I enjoy. I am hopeful to get into Pharmacy at some point, hopefully keep this job as a part time.

I am now, onto exciting new things. Like becoming a Realtor. I’d been looking into realty for some time, but I was scared to give it a try. But, after the previous experience of being out of work, I realized that being cautious all of the time and being afraid, can cost you. Trying to make everyone happy to keep your job, scared of their outlook on you, knowing that they are talking about you behind your back, is concerning. Now, I am taking charge of my own life and I am proud of it. No more worrying about making everyone else happy and keeping myself last on the list. It’s about time that I look after myself and make me happy for a change. Go after what I need and not worry about the noise around me. People are going to talk and that’s ok. As long as I don’t give them a reason to speak ill of me, like being horrible to them, then I’ll be fine.


There are so many things that I have to be excited about. And I am not closing any doors of opportunities to grow and improve myself. I am looking forward to challenging myself and working for what I want. I now have a newfound confidence in myself and I am ready to step into my new confidence and in my growth. I am a woman, that will and can do anything that she wants. I am Woman, hear me ROAR!!!!!!