Hello, Blogging World!   I am so terribly Sorry that I haven’t been here in while. But, I’m back now. I am really excited to share with some of the new things that I’ve learned! And I’m not going to bore you with excuses as explanations for absence, I just wanted to say that I am sorry and you will be hearing and seeing a lot more from me! So, let’s get to it!

But first, let me ask you a question. Has there ever been a time when you were working  so hard for something you wanted, so much so until you ran out  of things to do about it? I mean, you’ve worked hard and you’ve tried everything that you know to do? There could be more that you can do and then there might not be. But, in those moments what do you?

Do you cry?  Do you get mad? Do you continue moving forward or do just give up and move on to something else? In these moments, it’s incredibly easy to get frustrated and get caught up in the emotions of everything. However, the toughest part of this process, is the uncertainty. It is the time where you’re not technically hearing about any progress, from the work you’ve put in. And you’re just standing around waiting. However, I’ve learned that often times, it’s those moments when the most work is being done. When all of the efforts that you’ve put in are paying off, it’s just hard to see that.

The process tests you, your resolve, your focus and your mental strength. But, in these moments, the best thing to do is, Stand.

Stand is a gospel song that speaks to this very subject. It makes you think about everything that you’re going through and how when you put your all into something, that you want, there’s nothing left to do is Stand. Well, I’m going through a process. I’ve been looking for a better job, in all ways. I need one and I want one. I am indeed ready for a new job and I’ve been putting in the effort it. I want a great one that will lead me to my Dream career. But, I’ve been seeing some progress in surprising ways. I am excited and optimistic. However, I am doing like the song says, I am standing. That doesn’t mean that I am not still working on it, but I am getting myself in the mindset to be prepared for that job and ready to excel!