If you Could

If you could change things in the world, what would they be? No War? No  sickness? No unemployment? In what way, would you change things?

Often times, I look at things and wonder, if I had the power to change certain things, what would I change. But, then sometimes we need to examine ourselves just as closely.

One Sunday, the Preacher was talking about being Thankful. Her sermon was about the Ten Lepers. Speaking about how Ten Lepers called out to Jesus, begging him to heal them. When he gave them instruction, they all got heal and one returned, to give Jesus thanks. There are many times that we all will pray and ask for things, however, do we ever  start our prayers, with “Thank You”?

Even though we all want things, it’s important that we show our gratitude to him. We need to always show just how grateful we are. Sometimes, we are always looking at what needs to be changed in the world and there a lot of things that need to change. However, sometimes our habits and frame of mind, is what we need to focus on changing.

The United States will be changing leaders soon. There are many people debating, as to whom should be President. There are some that feel we don’t need another Democrat and some feel that we don’t need a Woman. However, there isn’t a person anywhere that wants to go back to where we came from, being scared for our economy. Many people are still trying to figure out what they want and there are many that feel that they don’t want what we’ve got or another just like him.

Our country has been through a lot and we are extremely tough. But, the way that this election has been going, has been unreal. I am looking forward to voting this year. However, there’s something nutty that always come up and it’s getting a little bit old to me.

I am tired of hearing all of these bashing each other, let’s just vote and get it over with it. There are some people whom have made some interesting jokes about Presidential campaigns. “Can’t we just date a President?” A joke meaning can’t we just try getting to know a President before committing to one?

I mean, there’s an idea. But, I think that’s what the process of the two years is for. I’ve been watching news networks more now, than I’ve been watching for sometime. I just don’t know what to say about all of this. But, what I do know, is that I am praying! And I’m praying hard.