This is the time of year, when Traditions really ring, like the jingle bells in the air. Families, Friends, Colleagues, Neighbors and Everyone alike, gather together for Food, Fun and Happiness. The Holidays, my favorite time of the year! Decorating, Shopping for gifts and preparing for Christmas, is Outstanding!

When it comes to traditions, one of favorites is when my family would get in the car and ride around to see the lights! I love that! Feels like having a light show, right in your own backyard. Years ago, My Grandmother and her brothers that lived here, would have a tradition.  One, would have Christmas eve Breakfast, the other would have Christmas day dinner and the other would have New Year’s day. It was fun, always figuring out what you were going to wear and what you going to eat. We would always have fun and it was a great way to be able to have  family time, without trying too hard.

One of my traditions, is creating a theme and basically, going over board in planning and decorating! I love shopping for decorations, creating a theme and making it look amazing! I love looking at Google and Pinterest, to get more inspiration. I have been creating a theme in my head and I am trying to get the house and trees to fit that idea. Sometimes, I overdo it with the planning, but I haven’t had time to that lately. Because I’ve been working and now, I’m getting back into school. And school in and of itself, seems to be a tradition for me, personally. So, I plan on making up for the decorating, this  weekend.

Thinking about Traditions, brought a beautiful feeling in my heart. I hope that thinking about Traditions will bring the same, to all of you!


2 thoughts on “Traditions”

  1. Driving around looking at Christmas lights is my favorite! I was almost remembering all the past Christmas I’ve had and felt that warm feeling side.

    1. Yes indeed! That has always been one of the best parts of Christmas! Thinking about it, always make me feel great and warm on the inside. Thank you so much, for commenting!

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