When you think of inspiration, what comes to mind? For me, my Mom comes to mind. This woman, is my muse for everything that I do. The reason that I want to do more, is basically because I want to provide the type of gifts and life hat I feel and know she deserves. I work hard, to make sure that I am able to give her what I want her to have. And that is the best and all that I can give her. That’s what I want her to receive.

When I think about blogging and the inspiration for that, I think about the amazing things that there are, to blog about. Books, Food, Fashion, Life. The list goes on and on. There is really is no shortage of inspiration. Even though, there are many times when it feels like there are no more ideas and that’s only because, we get stuck from time to time. We will stare at that blank screen and repeatedly try to get something inspiring on it, but sometimes we come to a “Blog Block”! Which is always frustrating and challenging to deal with. But, one thing about inspiration, which it hits, it is one of the best feelings in the world. When you let the inspiration take over and end taking control, is one of the most freeing things that  can happen. Knowing that the words are coming to your head, through your hands and fingers onto the page or screen, it is just Amazing!

This post, is a perfect example. I have had no forethought about it, I just wanted to talk about Inspiration. It is just incredibly exciting for me, because I am now getting back into school! Finally! I am really happy. And studying to me, is inspiration. It inspires me to believe in myself and to strive for more. Studying to me, is Power! I love being able to study and have the chance, to bring my best to a project that I am working on and this time, it’s on my dime! I love it!

Inspiration comes in a variety of forms and I love looking for inspiration in different things. Be it Art, Music, Food, Blogging, Reading, Writing. The possibilities are endless. I am just excited about everything and the upcoming Season! It is just so inspiring to see the beautiful décor, the lights, the cheer, the excitement that is in the air! This is by far, my Favorite Holiday! Speaking of which, I’ve got to go and finish decorating my tree! And my house! Aah, a Girl’s work is never done.

If you get some time, I want you to think about what inspires you.You can comment on your inspiration or you can keep it private. I just want you to think about what inspires you to do what you do, To dreams the dreams that you’ve got, to create the way and what you create. You might find new inspiration, in things that you don’t even know you’re inspired by.


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