After a long time of working on getting a job and being diligent in that search, I have FINALLY landed a job!!!

I could not be More Excited about everything! I am so thrilled to be a part of the workforce!  I am excited about everything that I will be doing for work. But, I don’t everything that I will be doing for work. So, I will be finding that out, soon.

However, I have great confidence in myself and this job. I am certain that Hard work will be a necessity. I know that and I am truly prepared to learn and to do my best. There’s going to be training, in a class format. And the funny thing about, is this. Since I’ve been home-schooled, I haven’t been in a classroom for sometime. The first time I was in a classroom was when I was six years old. Then, later the next time was 10 years later, when I had to take the SAT and ACT tests. Now, I will be in class for training. Ten years between each! Crazy, huh? It kind of amazes me that for two decades, I find myself in a classroom every 10 years!

I have big plans for work and I am definitely work towards getting things done. I always said that all I needed was a door, to open up for me. And that one has, I am not going to Jack it Up!!! I am going to be the best employee that I can be. I am hopeful that I will be good and that I will learn quickly and perform on the job well.

I believe that having a great job will help me to be a better blogger. I will be getting more inspiration and getting more things done. I am going to have a lot more to share with you. And I hope that you all are willing to join me on this ride and enjoy it with me.


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