Sexy and Loyal

I was just reading an article on Twitter, about the Photography of Michael Stokes.

A brilliant photographer that had a beautiful idea to celebrate our Amazing and Selfless War Veterans, whom are also Amputees. These remarkable men, who gave limbs for the sake of our country. One of the men wanted to pursue modeling and was wondering how to get started. Upon meeting Michael, he was explaining to him how he wanted to be portrayed.

Michael was hesitant about photographing amputees this way, but then he got a great idea. He decided to come up with a book called “Always Loyal”, a coffee table book. It’s showcasing the Veterans, in a sexy and strong way. These men are not being photographed because they are amputees. They are being photographed because they are outstanding men, whom are HOT!

After looking at these photos, I have to say that they can give Professional Models a Serious run for their money. It was great to see! I loved them! I thought to myself, what a Great way to celebrate our Heroes and to celebrate what they’ve done for us, without focusing on it, a sorrowful way. These men show us, that we shouldn’t feel bad for them, but that we should love them, be attracted to them, and wish that we could meet and date them.

I am so in love with this concept And I think that it is brilliant of Michael to share this with the world. I want all of you to see the pictures. When you get a chance, log onto this link,

Share it and Enjoy!!!

Trust me, I do believe that you will enjoy these Pictures!

And to these veterans, thank you all so much for your selfless sacrifice! Thank you for sharing your passion for your country with us. And thank you for sharing your Hotness with us! God Bless, God bless our Troops and their families and God Bless the USA!!!!


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