A Lot has Happened…Lately

Well, since the previous post, there’s been a lot that has gone on. On a Happy note, I turned 27 on Sunday! I am extremely happy about that.

On unfortunate news, The Horrible Misery that is going on, in Charleston.

Charleston, has been a city steeped in history and amazing beauty. The buildings, the food and the tradition. Although a couple of weeks ago, Charleston was hit with a Hellish attack on Nine innocent people, in a church. Nine people, who went to learn more about the Lord and to worship him. And it was ruined. It was horrible and there are no words for this.

There are no words that I have to describe this. No one deserves this, no one deserves this at all.
When I heard this, I was speechless. And I still am. This state, has been hit hard. But, the great thing that has come from this, is Unity.

The Unity that has been shown, between the churches. The different faiths, coming together to support this Church, the families and the State. The way that businesses have been creating funds to send to the families to help pay for services, to the scholarships that Universities have created in honor of the victims.

Seeing the way that people have come together, means a lot to everyone. The way that all of us, have banded together to pray and uplift each other, is nothing short of inspirational.

I am just moved by it all. And unfortunately, craziness has ensued in Texas as well.

This past Sunday, six people decided to get stupid and interrupt Joel Osteen during his sermon. Heckling and screaming scriptures at him. Calling him a liar and being complete jerks. They were arrested and this experience has shown me a lot about people, in today’s world. The word said, that there would be a time when Hell would come to the front of the church. Well, here we are. And things are real.

And the fact of the matter is, that people who were always hesitant to go to church, are not getting that reassurance to go, now. Because of these actions. And even though, that is the main point of people doing these things. It’s so sad.

But, I’m going to tell you that we are all, praying harder and harder. This world needs to get better. It just has to. We’ve got to work harder at being better, wiser and smarter. We’ve got to be kinder and generous. I think that we just have to stay on the straight and narrow. We need each other and we need to believe in the Lord and our Faith. Regardless of your faith, we all must pray and believe.

God Bless Charleston, God bless the Families of the Victims, God Bless South Carolina!


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