I’m Just a Fan. But,…

Okay, I am a big sports fan. I love Basketball and Football. I enjoy watching Tennis as well. And over the past year, sports has been making some serious headlines. From Donald Sterling to Ray Rice. Well, now there’s a new headline. And his name is Tom Brady.

Now, I am sure that there a lot of Patriots fans and some that are probably going to read this. So, this is not a dig on the team. But, I am of course confused by the whole thing. Obviously, we’re all aware of #DeflateGate. But, here’s the thing. I was completely unaware of how many balls there were involved in this thing. Mom and I were watching one of my favorite shows in the world, ESPN’s First Take. And there, they were saying that there were 11 out of 12 ball that were deflated! 11 out of 12?!!! Dang, they might as well just said the entire dozen! Talk about insanity!!!

Now, we all know that the person that has the ball the most, is the Quarterback. So, if anyone would have an idea of how the balls feel, it would be him. He supposed to know a lot about how Temperatures effect the air in the ball and the movement and travel of the air, after it’s been thrown. So, by now he knows what he likes the ball to feel like. In case you don’t know, the punishment for Brady, is he’s suspended for the first four games of the season, without pay. Now, the team has been docked the first and fourth draft picks and fined 1 Million Dollars! The largest fine ever given to team, in NFL history!

At first, Robert Kraft was adamant about fighting this, by appealing it. He was strongly supporting Tom Brady, even saying after the Superbowl, Every single person was going to owe them an apology! He was boldly saying that Brady didn’t do it. And he believed Tom Brady when he said that he was Innocent. And so, they were all going to appeal this. Then, this past week, Robert Kraft decided to drop the appeal and just accept what was given to them!

Now, this came as a shock to everyone that had been paying close attention to this situation. Many people think that he sent Brady up the river, because he didn’t mention Brady in his statement to the press. Now, an incredible attorney named Lester Munson said something that I really hope that people will take heed to. He said, that if Tom Brady appeals, then all of the emails, texts and information that Brady and his team were hiding, they those things would have to come out in Court.” We all know that he’s right. There’s just no way around it.

But, Tom Brady is going to appeal it anyway. Personally, I’m not a fan of his. But, I do think that he should go home and just deal with it. I mean, the reason for that is, I believe that he cheated. And I do believe that things could be much worse for him. They suspended him for 4 games, not the whole season. So, I think he should follow in the step of Robert Kraft. I mean, I must say though, that I find Kraft’s actions suspicious. I mean, how do you go from actively supporting him and the team and refusing to take this lying down, to basically surrendering and dealing with all of it? I think that something came up and he wants to distant himself as much as possible, before things start spilling out.

Now, to skip over to basketball. There’s a lot going on there. The Playoffs are still happening an I was really pulling for the Clippers, because of the hell that they went through last year. I just thought that they deserved a fair shake. So, even though things didn’t work out, I think that if they get together, they could make another a deep run into the Playoffs next year!

But, I want to talk about Ray Rice. The time has now come, where he is to be considered to be drafted to a team. Now, personally I couldn’t care less if he’s drafted. I just don’t get his wife.

This woman was knocked out, literally in an elevator, when they had yet to get married. Just crazy! And she married him anyway! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING????!!!!

I don’t get it! I am wondering did a Publicist tell her that she should marry him and create a united front of forgiveness and bunch of other Crap? Did Lawyers tell her that? Or was this a decision that she made on her own. I mean, seriously? I don’t care about the Money! Isn’t her self-respect and dignity worth more than a dollar amount? I am far more disturbed by the two of them than what team he should go to.
Stephen on First Take, said the question the public has to asked themselves, is “Does Ray Rice deserve a second chance?” Personally, that really doesn’t bother me. Not half as much as these two people carrying on with their lives and her, stepping to his defense when people are criticizing him. I mean, are you kidding me?
But, no mater what team might pick him, they know that they are also taking on all of his baggage. All of the bad press that accompanies him and everything. That’s a lot to take in. And he if he’s talented or not, that a lot for a team and an organization to handle. There’s no amount of PSAs he’s going to be able to do, to erase that horrible video from the minds of people. Even if they don’t have it up on the internet, it’s still memorable to those that saw it.

So, what do you all think about this?

If you had the power to make a decision in either or both, what would you do about it?


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