Tracee Ford – The Interview

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As many of you, I have been a proud presenter of this woman’s work on my blog. She’s a great author, Entrepreneur and a BlogTalkRadio host. Now, she’s adding Publisher and Creator to her resume, as she has created her very own publishing company, entitled Ozwind Publishing, LLC. And I am working for her in the acquisitions department. It is my privilege and honor to interview the Remarkable Tracee Ford on my blog.

Here’s our chat.

Hello Trace! Thank you so much for joining me on my blog! It is my pleasure to have you here. There are a few questions that I have for you.

VELVET S. – First of all, you’ve been a Writer and an Author for some time now. What inspired you to express yourself in this way?

TRACEE FORD – I have always been a storyteller of sorts. I think it is something that is in my blood. It’s something I’ve tried to put down many, many times for many, many reasons, but I always pick it back up. No matter what seems to happen to take me away from writing, I always end up back there. That speaks Volumes to me.

VS – You’ve written different books, basically surrounding the Paranormal Genre. What interests you most about this Genre?

TF – I think the paranormal is actually “normal.” The veil between this world and the next is very thin at times. I wanted to bring my readers into that world. I have had some pretty intense experiences, so I think that was the root of the interest. The romance and suspense part just added to what was already there.

VS – Many would love to make their dreams, their careers. But, some don’t have the freedom or can overcome their fears to branch out and do something new. How did you do it? Were you scared to follow your dreams and passions to become an Author?

TF – To be honest, I was scared, but my desire trumped my fear. I was frightened of rejection, which I received. I was afraid my stories would stink and no on would want them and that happened. I found a publisher, who I am no longer with that took the books and created their vision for them. The fact is that it is scary to step out in faith on any level, but that is what you have to do if you to publish. You have to have faith in your dreams and in what you see as the end result. It’s up to you to find the bravery to get there.

VS – Many women would love to do that. But, due to the unemployment margins, they simply can’t afford it. Due to the lack of Equal and the Paycheck Fairness Act. Do you think that this is why many women are turning to creating their own online businesses?

TF – I think that there are a multitude of reasons why women are turning to online businesses. I think the subjects you mentioned are certainly factors. I also think true independence is another reason. I worked for other people (businesses) since I was eighteen. Being a small business owner now is exactly what I needed to do. Indie was the key to become happy and confident in myself.

This is my opinion, so just take it for what it’s worth. I think the majority of the workforce inhibits freedom. And creativity and expression and is filled with politics and conflict. It’s a nasty little world out there. Some employers are better than others. Unfortunately, until recently, I saw the worst of the worst. I had some good ones along the way, but for the most part, it was bad. In fact, one of my employers fired me for being an Author. Needless to say, I sued them. People don’t realize that tyranny isn’t allowed as much as the power-hungry employers believe that they are in complete control. They aren’t. If you are still in the world of work you had better familiarize yourself with your State of Labor Laws. Here’s why. If you are trying to break into the publishing world and let’s say you do. There is a high probability that your employer WILL NOT SUPPRT THIS because it gives you more control. So, if a situation arises where you are being let go, you owe it to yourself to fight.

But, I think women and men alike run into problems in the world of work everyday. I love the school that I substitute for, but really, I love being my own boss more. If it weren’t for my husband, I would not have been able to do that. But, Thankfully I am and I can. The aforementioned is exactly why I turned to online businesses.

VS – As an Author, you know what it’s like to face rejection. With your new publishing company, Ozwind Publishing, LLC., you have a slogan that I love. “No Rejection. Just Direction.” When you decided to create Ozwind, what direction did you see for it? And how necessary did you think this was for Authors?

TF – Starting out, Ozwind was simply going to represent my work and only my work. Then I wanted to expand it to my best friend’s books. As he and I talked about my experiences in publishing, I felt like Ozwind needed to be more. When I published under a traditional publisher I felt completely out of control and the end result of that is still haunting me. What I mean by that is this: I wanted my freedom. I wanted accountability. I wanted professionalism. I got none of these things. And when I called them out, everything went south. In fact, I am still having problems with them. But, that’s beside the point. What it did teach me is that authors need to feel in total control of their work, but many don’t have the resources they need to get published. I wanted to offer an option to them under a newly formed model: hybrid publishing. I think that this new vision is exactly what authors need. We do change fees for services, but we also have an acquisitions team who views the submissions and decided whether it is best to offer an Ozwind contract for fee or a self-publishing option. That is why we DO NOT DO REJECTIONS. We are not going to smash dreams. Rejection is such a negative term and because I believe in strength-based practices, I wanted Ozwind to be just that. I do think that what Ozwind offers is entirely necessary for new authors as well as published ones. Sometimes you just need help getting your work out there and you can’t pay outrageous prices to do it. That’s where we come in.

VS – When I first heard and Ozwind, I was incredibly excited! The purpose is Brilliant! I completely understand what your ideas and intentions are and I got them right away. Before I knew that’s what they were. Your message for your company spoke to me instantly. But, for those that are not familiar with Ozwind and those that know that a company like this is necessary, How you explain Ozwind to them?

TF – As I said, Ozwind is strength-based. We offer options. Yes, there is a price, but in order to be a successful business you have to change. However, we didn’t want folks to break the bank. That’s why our prices are under market. The other thing we offer is COMPLETE CONTROL. The author keeps their right…all of them. We simply act as a medium to get their work out there on the market. We provide support during the process and marketing as well as continued support after publishing. We work with the author to be true to their visions and what they want you to see happen. We are approachable and because we are small, we can offer personal attention. That is what every author wants.

VS – You have your own Podcast? Where can we find it and what inspired you to venture into Radio?

TF – I was actually a co-host for “The Paranormal Hour” with Willow Cross. World of Ink Network decided to offer my own show to me in April. My podcast can be found on BlogTalk Radio. And in the beginning, I sort of fell into it with Willow. I was doing a Google search and BTR. Then I searched inside of that to see what paranormal shows were on. I saw Willow’s and reached out to her to see if she would be interested in interviewing me about my book. She was and did. It sort of started there. The best place to stay-up-to-date regarding the broadcasts is through Facebook.

VS – In Five words, please name what Writing/Creativity means to you.

TF – Freedom. Dreams. Inspiration. Independence. Innovation.

Tracee, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, lessons and advice with us. I truly appreciate it.

Everyone, for information on Ozwind Publishing, LLC, log onto the website.

And follow her on Twitter @ Tracee Ford and On Facebook.
And her books are all sold on Amazon. Make sure you drop and check them out.

And the link for her shoe is,

I hope that you enjoyed this interview and there’s more to come!


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