Katie St. Claire – Second Hand Stops: Book I Benefactor


Hello Everyone!

I hope that you all are having a great evening!

I am more than happy to share this great series from Katie St. Claire and this is the first installment.

In this story, Second Hand Stops: Book I Benefactor, we follow the heroine named Julia Malone.

Julia is a woman that as a baby, was abandoned at the door of an English Manor. However, she has no time to be lonely. Five telepathic children show up and form a… paranormal family. A family of Misfits.

Later, when the children get older, they drink this unknown substance provided to them by a Wealthy American Benefactor from New York City. The good thing is, it slows the aging process. But, the bad thing is, the side effects. Then, the man behind this…is revealed!

Claude Van Buren arrives at the Annual Autumn party. Julia becomes the Vice-President of Product Development and cracks the code. Julia creates a stablizing solution, called substance X. Based upon this, Claude makes the executive decision to revolutionize the world and present this solution as the Fountain of Youth.

But, will this work? Has Julia Malone and this mysterious stranger, Claude Van Buren found the seemingly unreachable Fountain of Youth?

This book is sure to be strong and impressive. And I am definitely looking forward to where KAtie is going to take this series! I know that it’s going to be exciting!

For more information on this book, click on the link!

Happy Reading, Booklovers!


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