As I’m sure many of you have heard of this new hashtag, “#DearMe”. It’s where people famous or not, are recording messages of what they’d say to their younger selves, if they could.

Well, even though I’m only 26, I wanted to share something with myself. And it’s not about years ago, it’s more about recent lessons learned. So, here goes.


“Girl, let me tell you something! STOP!!! Just STOP!!!

Stop right now, what you’re doing. You’re a smarter girl than this. Look carefully, at the situation. There are guys that you like and these guys are nice guys. But, they are not right for you. Number 1, they are GROWN MEN! They are ahead of you and they have got more than a truck load of experience.  You’re not up to par. You are getting into a GAME, that you are  just simply not ready for! You can’t handle the game, the way that these women around here are playing it. Now, not all of the women plays the game this way. But, you’ve got to understand that you will look like a fool. You don’t have it, walk away NOW! Number 2, there are one too many ways you’re giving people, to make fun of you. They know that you don’t have the experience and they just might ‘rag’ on you on it. And you know you ain’t going to like it. You know that you’re going to agonize about it, all of the time. Everything that you do and they know about it, that you’re going to go overboard, worrying about it.

Third, STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!! You will get into some embarrassing situations, when you jump into out of your lane. So, when you get yourself together, you’re going to see some amazing things. You’re going to go far. Now, you’re going to deal with difficulties, but you’re going to be a better woman. You’re going to be smarter. And don’t worry about not having friends. Don’t worry about no having male attention. You tell yourself that you’re beautiful and let that be your encouragement. Just continue to do what you instincts and heart tells you. But, don’t forget about your mind. Don’t let your mind get caught up, in ill-fitting thoughts. Whenever you feel those thoughts coming in, just change your mind. And if it’s not your mind, then change your surroundings. Sometimes, you’ve got to get out of that zone and work on being that better self, that you’re meant to be. This may be a long letter. But, V, you needed you know this. I adore you, Girl! No matter whether tells you this or don’t ever share these opinions, You are a great girl. Keep working hard and chasing your dreams. And once you’ve ran them down, Conquer them! Trust me, it gets better from here.




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