Inspired to Blog

Sometimes after blogging for a while, you’ll look at your blog and see how far you’ve come. And when you do, you hope to see progress and improvement. You hope that the blogger you started as, has grown and developed into a better, more informed blogger. You take time and read other blogs. You look at the designs and you look at the layout. Then, from time to time, you will come back to your own blog and sometimes, you tend to be a little more critical about your work.

You look at your page and then you start to critique everything. From the photos, (Or in the case of my blog, lack of photos), to the content. You look at what you do during the day. There will be times, when I look at my content and think to myself, ‘Man, I really need to get out more!’ That way, I’ll have more to blog about.

But, then I have to be grateful for what I’ve learned and how much I’ve blogged so far. I know for a fact, that there’s more to do and learn. But, I also know that the progress that has been made is something that I must continue on. I have to keep the movement, going forward.

I am very excited about my blog and I am very happy that more people are coming to check out my blog. And blogging about books! What an exciting venture! Books are by far, one of my favorite things. And to couple it with blogging, is just amazing!

I think that this one of the most daunting tasks that I’ve ever done, creating something that is going international! I can’t believe that this blog has reached different countries. That people have taken time out, to read my work. Now, that I know that, I am eager to take things to the next level.

In the coming weeks, I am going to be featuring great books, authors and blogs. I am really thrilled to introduce these to some, and present them to others. I hope that you’ll be coming back and checking out what’s happening here. I hope that you’ll be pleased and will share it with your friends and fellow bloggers.

I love you all and I appreciate each one of you! ❤  🙂


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