First Lady Michelle Obama is currently visiting Japan. Partnering with them to launch the “Let Girls Learn” initiative. Encouraging countries to support the scholastic endeavors of our girls. Upon listening to the importance of this initiative, I was unaware of a staggering number, dealing with this subject.

There are 62 MILLION Girls around the world that are not in School! 62 MILLION!!!! Can you believe it?!!! I was shocked by this! I just can’t believe that there are that many young ladies that want to go to school and they are being prohibited and denied the opportunities! If they attempt to go to school, many of them are being beaten, mercilessly. Many of them are being forced into marriage and being forced to become Mothers, before they themselves are adults.

And it’s not changing as fast as it should. It is beyond sad that this is happening in our world. But, you know an approach that my mind took to this? The fact that there are young girls right here in America, that has no interest in going to school! If you ask some of them what they are going to do after graduating from High School, so many of them will respond with, “I’m ’bout making that paper!” Referring to make money! Well, what they don’t understand, is that in most cases Employers are looking for people that have a higher education, to work for them! Trust me, I know!

Being active in the job hunt, it’s nothing for me to look on a job board and see an ad by an Employer that is looking for employees with Masters and Bachelors degrees. There are so many people that don’t understand the power that high education has. And I couldn’t help but wonder. If and When these girls from around the world comes to America and they find out that there are girls here that have the option of going to school, but opt out?! I can’t help but think, that they would be absolutely appalled by it! Imagine it like this. Let’s say that we lived in a world where, here in America, Blogging was banned. And we heard all about blogging and how businesses and careers can get started from blogs. What if we were told in a different country that we couldn’t have access to computers, cameras or even a pen and paper? We weren’t even given the permission to write down a thought, let alone organize a post. How would you feel?

Now, I am not comparing the importance of education to blogging. Both are important. But, we all know that Education is the key to the door of Opportunities. But, I was just using blogging as an example. We live in a country, where we have the freedom to do whatever we want and however we want to. But, I think that sometimes we take our privileges for granted. Sometimes, I think that we take our freedom for granted. Think about the voting factors. Our foremothers and forefathers fought, so that we would have the right to vote. And think of how many of us, don’t vote? And many of us, are registered. But, we just won’t do it.

So, when I think of these girls around the world that want to do this and they can’t, it just saddens me. Because I know that they’d love to go to school and I know that they would excel if given the opportunity. I know many of them, have some of the greatest and best ideas. Ideas that would change our world and could make it a much better place! I am sure that it is possible for us to change these dynamics, but it’s up to us to help make that change.

Knowing this, really makes me passionate about changing this. I want to do what I can to bring awareness to people and to help them understand them importance of spreading this information. The more people that we have aware of this factor and crisis, the more we all can do to help. It’s going to take all of us.

One girl at a Time!



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