My Grandparents’ Birthday Month


On today, I want to share the birthday month of two of favorite people. My grandparents. My Grandfather’s birthday was on the fourth and my Grandmother’s Birthday was today. These flowers above, were something that I put together, in their honor.

My Mama wanted to put flowers in the church and so, I went out looking for something to buy. I went to the store and I looked at everything that I possibly could.

Mom wanted Yellow! That’s all she wanted. She wasn’t particular about what type of flower they were, she just wanted them to have Yellow. So, when I went looking, I found some things that were good, but it didn’t really click for me. I went to store after store, just trying to find the perfect thing.

My initial intent was to make something. But, I didn’t think that I could make something good enough, to put in the church. But, after much deliberation and I got tired of looking, I just decided to try my hand at putting something together.

The thing is, that ended up being much simpler. I find these yellow roses and they were a perfect fit! I am happy, because I got the color for them that Mom wanted and I got to save some money, by making them.  And they looked really good. I am very happy that they looked so good. I couldn’t be more pleased. And the best part? Mom was thrilled! I got some compliments on them and I am really glad that I tapped into the creativity that my Grandmother taught and trusted myself and the creativity! It felt like she was guiding me, telling what to do and how it should look. I thank God for her and for my Grandfather!

I hope that they were looking down and were pleased.

We love them and miss them so much.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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