Black History ABC’s

This month, is the month when people from all over the world celebrate Black History.

The people that have helped shaped our world and the way that they have changed the world! The people that there are to celebrate are far too numerous to name. But, this month always reminds me of something that I did some time ago.

When I was eleven years old, I wrote this piece called ‘Black History ABC’s’. The idea behind this piece was to highlight different words that corresponds with each letter of the Alphabet and how all of these words in some way, may have inspired, motivated and explained these remarkable people and what there goals were. So, there are many more ways to describe the hardships, challenges and everything that they went through.

When I think now about the Black History ABC’s, I think about a whole new aspect to it. I think about this. Naming people in the Black History, using the same aspect. Let’s see.

A- Atticus, Crispus

B- Bunche, Ralph

C- Carver,Washington George

D- Della Reese

E- Edelman, Wright Marian

F- Fitzgerald, Ella

G- Garvey, Marcus

H- Henson, Matthew

I- Idris Elba

J- Jackson, Michael

K- King, Luther Martin. Dr

L- Langston Hughes

M- Mahalia Jackson

N- Norman, Jessye

O- Obama, Michelle and Barack

P- Prince

Q- Queen Latifah

R- Robinson, Jackie

S-Simone, Nina

T- Truth, Sojourner

U- Usher

V- Vivica A. Fox

W- Walker, C.J. Madame, Sarah

X- X, Malcolm

Y- Young, Arliner Roger

Z- Zee, Der Van James

If could write your own Black History ABC’s, what would it look like?

If you see people on this list, that you’ve never known, please feel free to look them up. It’s important that all races learn about each other and celebrate one another’s heritages and histories. Let us look up more about Black People and what they’ve contributed to us. Because believe me, there are so many Black People that we don’t know about, in the way we should. We don’t and we should So, let’s educate ourselves and our world. Because Black History is one month a year, but the history is being made over and over again. All the Time.


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