It’s Christmas Time Again!

Well, here we are. Christmas time again. It just seems it was just the beginning of 2014. Now, here we are on, the cusp of a brand new year.

This time of year brings so many things to mind. Happiness, joy, excitement. The Thrill of Christmas and all that it brings to the kids. To me, there is nothing like the sound of a child’s laugh or to see a big beautiful smile on their faces. I love the excitement that they get to see Santa, take pictures and tell him what they want.

I love seeing the Christmas lights and the beautiful displays. This year, Mom and I really enjoyed watching “The Great Christmas Light Fight” on ABC. It has been a lot of fun looking at the outstanding light shows and passion that was put into all of it. And it also amazing how much these light shows mean to the neighborhoods and the blocks. It is just fascinating to see how all of these come out to support the light shows of their neighbors. And then, how many of them come out to help. Then, there are so many touching stories that makes these light shows even more beautiful and meaningful.

I love the gift giving. Because I honestly love to give far more than I receive. I definitely love to see the happiness that comes across their faces when they open up the gifts and are surprised.

Christmas is definitely the Magical time of Year!!!

I pray that all of you will enjoy your Christmas and always remember the REAL Reason for the Season! The baby that would one day, Save the World! So sweet and innocent, wrapped in swaddling clothes! The Man that would give up everything for us, so that we could have Eternity!

The Greatest Gift Ever given to the World! JESUS!!!!!!


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