Have you seen the latest popular trend on Twitter?

Well, on my Facebook newsfeed, the hastag #ThanksMichelleObama is trending worldwide. Now, obviously one might think that this was friendly or a sign of gratitude for something that she did. But, no such luck. It’s actually sarcasm. Apparently, there are a lot of students that taking pictures of their lunches and are tweeting them under this hashtag.

This has become a fast catching trend and many people are split, opinions wise. There are many people that feel she is responsible, while others feel that it’s not all her fault. Well, my Mom just made a point that I must share with you.

Mom said that in a way, it is her fault and here’s why. She made the point that many kids only get one meal a day and that meal comes from school. And since that’s the case, the food was delicious to them. And when this change happened, it caused the young people to become dissatisfied with the food. And many people are bringing food from fast food restaurants to schools for their children. So, the purpose is defeated.

Even though, I feel that it’s the schools that are fixing these meals, I do get her point. At first, I felt that it wasn’t her fault. But now, I am beginning to see her point. I know that she’s right. There are many people that don’t have food. And so many kids don’t get the nutrition that they deserve. And many people are blaming Mrs. Obama for it.

Now, I am a fan of hers, but I do kind of get what people are saying. Even though, I am a major fan of hers. I hate the fact that the kids are not enjoying their meals. I want all kids to be able to eat and be healthy. I believe in having healthy choices. But, I would much rather have kids eating Good food, than to not eat at all. Even if the food is fast food. It’s something for them to eat. And sometimes, it’s best not to get involved with people’s eating habits. Because even though there are a lot of food that is unhealthy and fatty, if you have to choose between food that looks disgusting and tasty food that is calories filled, people will choose the latter.

And while it may be more expensive, people are willing to pay the prices. Now, one thing that I didn’t get. Is the connection between employment and healthy eating. My point is if people were to stop buying fast food, then that would effect the economy. Because it would effect the jobs, it would effect the businesses and more. Not to say that everyone would stop buying fast food. We all know that’s not going to happen. But, this plan of healthy eating has great intentions. But, there are a few flaws to it.I think that we all should watch what we eat. I know that I’ve cut back on a lot of things that I had been eating and decided to change up my habits. But, I must say that every now and then, a little fast food does taste good. And sometimes, you just don’t feel like cooking!

And let’s face it. In what has been called the richest country in the world, we shouldn’t have homeless or hungry people here! That is just insane! We shouldn’t have that problem! There should not be people that are begging for a place to stay and food. Not in what is called the Greatest Nation on Earth! That’s my opinion.

I just hope and pray that this situation will be resolved in a healthy, drama free way. Because everyone deserves the same Good treatment. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and deserves to have a warm bed and a good hearty meal.


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