Life, Love and Things like that

One of the greatest things about life? Not just what you accomplish, the money you make, or the promotions that you earn. It’s the people, the lives you come into, and the people that touches you. It’s about the people that has helped you and the people that has hurt you.

It’s about the mistakes made and the lessons learned. It’s about the ways that you are able to help those that you don’t think that you are even equipped to help. It’s the smiles that you’re able to put on the faces of those around you. Have you ever thought about the way that you come across to people? Have you ever gone home after work and thought about how people approached you? What was your response? Were you the person that you like to tell people you are? Or did the stress of the day bring out a different side of you?

What about your relationships? Are you treating the people that are in your life well? Are they getting the love, appreciation and respect that they deserve? The love that you promised them? The love that you tell people that you give them?

What about time? Do you give your time? Do you give your time to your friends, family, pets? Sometimes, our pets get treated better than people! Isn’t that sad? Sometimes, people will say hell to their dogs, cats, etc and barely say two words to their own family members! What’s even sadder than that, you might ask? Well, what if the pets are more dedicated, loving and loyal to you than anyone else?

Sometimes, we are thrown into a new world that is strange and can be overwhelming. I’ll give you a personal example.

I’ve always had trust issues with men.  Basically, dealing with the lack of a Father in my life caused me to think that pretty much every man that I would ever meet, would be the same way.   Well recently, my friends, whom are mostly Men might I add, have really shown me that I was wrong. They’ve shown me that every man is not a jerk. And even though I knew that all Men couldn’t be as bad, it was still hard to see that. Sometimes, it takes the unexpected people to show you new things about yourself and your life. It’s nice to for people to appreciate you for who are, on the inside. A deeper connection.

Nothing about any of us is perfect and we’re all a work in progress. But, what makes us better people is how we are to others. Especially to those whom are less than fair to us. That is what we are judged upon.

Life, Love and Things like that, is what makes us who we are. It’s what makes us human. We are ever-changing. And that can be scary and intimidating. But, just take your time and think things thoroughly through. Don’t hasten to make a decision. Take your time. Trust me. The time you take, will be beneficial to the decision that you will make.


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