The Blogging World

As bloggers, we get started with a few main things that we need, in order to provide a good post. A blank page/screen, a idea and often times, photos. These are some of the most powerful tools in blogging today. You must have these elements in order to connect with your readers and to hopefully, encourage them to share your work so that you can reach new readers.

But, when you are able to reach that moment when your work surpasses your expectations and ends up surprising you, then that is when you have reached the dream!

It’s always a major surprise to me when I get good attention for my blog. I am always humbled and honor. I basically do a little happy dance in my seat, because my writing is so important to me. I want to write, where my work will touch people. I want people to feel like they are in a face to face conversation with me. I want my work to be something that they can nod their heads in agreement, while reading it. Of course, I do understand that not everyone will feel that way about my work. And I am fine with that. I take that with just as great a honor as the lovely things that are said. Because the fact that some one took time to stop by my blog, means a lot.

The reason why I was inspired to write this post, is because of a woman named Stephanie. Now, I’m sure that you’ve heard about this, but in case you haven’t, I’ll catch you up. Stephanie is a mother that went shopping at Target for her children. She noticed that the girls’ clothing is sized much differently than the boys’. A pair of shorts for her son were marked a XS, but that a girls’ L was the exact same size! And I must say that I can agree with her outrage. And her blog post has definitely caused a stir. And I mean,  A Stir!!! People are joining in with her in full agreement. And Target has definitely taken notice.

Stephanie has taken the initiative to step forward and make a statement about an issue that I am sure as been talked about by a lot of Mothers, but it wasn’t brought to light in this way. And I am very proud of her, for speaking up and making her feelings known. And little did she know, this would make her a nationally talked about mother and blogger. She’s got a lot of people eager to see change in this situation.

How do you feel about it? To all of you mothers, have you noticed this problem? Have you seen what Stephanie is talking about? If so feel free to comment. Also, please check out her blog, Binkies and Briefcases.

Here’s the link.


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