What a Week!

First of all, let me say. I am truly sorry for not blogging this past week, but I have been incredibly busy on the job front. I have been working on getting things together for a possible position and I have been waiting for a job for a long time. So, that’s why I haven’t been able to blog.

But, I’m back now and I will continue to blog when I get a job as well! Because I just love this so much.

Ok, on to other things. This past weekend has been a big weekend for Weddings. Of course, we are all fully aware of the Famous Bachelor that has wined and dined some of the most beautiful women in the world and not he’s officially off of the market! And what I think is so cool about it, is that he hasn’t always been dating Hollywood Starlets! It hasn’t always been the type that has been on the cover of magazines. Teachers and now, Human Rights Lawyer is his Wife! I think that is so great! Just goes to show that sometimes, Fairy Tales can become a reality. It’s not always the expected person that gets the Guy! Sometimes, the average girl gets him, too!

But, bringing it back home. One of my good friends and his fiance got married and then, one of my cousins and her fiance got married! And all of this happened yesterday!  A lot to be going on! So, I am sure that everyone has a great time. I was unable to attend either of them, but I was able to see some pictures on Facebook and I am incredibly happy for everyone.

You know, Mom and I were talking and she was like, “You’re not Big on Weddings, are you?” And you know what? The sad thing, is that I;m really not! And it’s not like I don’t go to them, but I’m really not for the Romantic side of things! I’ve never been into that! I’ve never been into the whole Romance. And see, my Mother is completely different. She’s definitely a Romantic! She loves the flowers, the sweetness, the love and kisses and stuff. But me, No! And here’s one of the most obvious reasons to me, as to why this is. My mother’s parents were Deeply, Deeply, Madly in Love with each other. No one was more beautiful or handsome to them, but each other. It was just amazing to watch this relationship, that had developed for over Fifty years, never fade! Not even for a moment! So, I think growing up in a house like that and seeing that type of romance, has really made my Mother love it! But, my parents are divorced. There wasn’t flowers, lovey-dovey stuff. There wasn’t sweet, nice things being said and there wasn’t a relationship like that. There wasn’t a friendship. They just didn’t merge well at all. And that can cost a marriage. They were as different as day and night in two different countries, in opposite time zones!

No connection at all. Now, I’m not speaking for everyone. But for me, I am just not into that whole romance thing. None of it. I don’t want a guy to give me flowers, stuffed animals, I don’t like Chocolate, so no candy. And just don’t give me any of that stuff.

I know some guys actually like doing these things for their girlfriends, but it would great if I wasn’t on that end of it.

But, I am happy for other people that finds that happiness. I think it’s a beautiful thing to see. I really do! I think that it’s great when people find that special person, fall in love and marry them! That’s absolutely beautiful! It’s just, I’m not into that, really!

So, I’ll just be happy for others, pray for their happiness and continued bliss and just be single.


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