People are who they Are

I had such a terrible two weeks, because my car wasn’t working. I needed a fuel pump and I asked a friend that have a lot of knowledge and experience in mechanics. Well, that didn’t work, because he said that it wouldn’t work. So, Mom and I sent the car to the mechanics. Funny thing? The part that my friend said wouldn’t work, Did! So, I didn’t have to spend all of that money. And you wouldn’t believe how much it cost? Try Four hundred Dollars! Talk about a chunk of change.

Anyway, Saturday night, I got such an awkward feeling. I was planning on going to church, but there was something wrong. So, I tried to dismiss it, but it just didn’t work. So, I had to talk to my Mom about it. See, my Mother is a Minister and has been for over 22 years. She has been treated like crap by so many people. Especially considering the fact that she’s a woman! A lot of people don’t believe in Females being ministers. They feel that Women should be seen, look nice in their suits or dresses and hats, and be silent. Bu, that’s most definitely not my Mother!

I just decided not to go to church and maybe try and figure out what was bothering me and everything. So, Mom went to church because she was asked to do something. So, when she came back, she mentioned this meeting and I decided to go.

So last night, I went to the meeting at church. The meeting is a mandatory meeting that happens once a year in the conference that the denomination belongs to. There were very few people there and a lot of them were having some type of friction with each other. I mean, you could feel it. It was like you could cut the tension with a knife or you could serve it up like soup.

So, the meeting got underway. Midway through the meeting, the district Superintendent was reading out my Mother’s name as a candidate for ministry. What that means, is she would be line to possibly become a Pastor. She’s been taking a lot of Hell from off of these people. And many other people. Well, now I know what was bothering me so much.  There was some crap that was kicking up and it was coming directly at my Mom. The DS called her name and asked the people for a vote. And you know what happened? Nothing. Nobody raised their hands. And I just sat there shocked!  I couldn’t believe it. The bold disrespect that they are willing to show a Preacher in the house of God, Just Awful!

Then, the DS kind of looked shocked and tried it again, thinking that they didn’t hear him the first time. Oh, but they did. Yet after being asked a second time to vote, a few hands went up reluctantly and she remains in the program. But, I must say that I was highly shocked and irritated with their terrible disrespect. When a person is called by God to preach and teach his word, it is not the people’s place to determine how far that person goes. They weren’t the one that called her. I wasn’t sure if I should have told her, but she said that I did the right thing by telling her.

Then, I had a problem with a friend that I had a major crush on for years, whom was always rude and impatient with me, showed his true colors and went to the point where he said that we are no longer friends. The point is, sometimes when you like someone for years and they don’t like you back and then they are rude on top of all that, it really hurts. But, when you wise up and realize that you don’t deserve to be treated like that, you gain a new confidence in yourself. I would deny that he was a jerk. I would basically lie to myself and just say, that he was having a rough day and he was tired. Blah, Blah, Blah.

And now, he is upset because I am not paying any attention to him anymore and I don’t have a crush on him anymore. As matter of fact, that went away a very long time ago!

So, what are the points that I am trying to make here?

Both this Church and this Guy, liked to treat Mom and I like crap. They both figure that they can treat us any kind of way and we’d just stick around and take it. Like we had no place to go. But, where there’s a will, there will always be a way. I am glad that we’ve learned our lessons and have seen their true colors.

There’s nothing like learning about people not from others, but from your own observations. If you want to know people for who they really are, just give them time. They’ll show you. For as the late Maya Angleou once said,

“If someone should show you who they are, Believe them!”


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