What does “Real Love”Mean?

I am a big fan of Sports! I love watching it and I love watching First Take on ESPN!!! The other day, I watching First Take and they were talking about Ray and Janay Rice. In case you don’t know, there was a major problem that occurred in an elevator between Ray and his then fiance, Janay. There was a huge altercation, she was mad, he got angrier, and punch her in the face. Knocking her head first into the wall of the elevator and she dropped. On the way down, she hit her head on a steel rail! Then, he dragged her out of the elevator, left her on the ground, while he picked her flip-flops. It was a horrific picture! I just could not believe what I was seeing. I was just horrified and disgusted with what I was seeing!

And the part that sucks the worst? SHE STILL MARRIED HIM!!!!

On the show after showing the clip again, they shared a post that placed on Instagram. And here’s the part that got me. In the post, she said, “We going to show you what Real Love Is!”

Real Love, huh? Well, if that’s what Real Love looks like, then forget it! I just don’t understand why she go ahead and marry him! I just think that it is absolutely ridiculous and pointless. Months ago, after news of this broke, Ray was sentenced to Anger Management! Anger Management?! You have got to be kidding! What is that going to do? Teach him a few ways to keep anger under control for a year or so, until he loses it again?

Well, as of now, he’s officially suspended from the team. To which, I think is too long overdue. I mean, what are you keeping him around for in the league? Didn’t they think that that would bring nothing more than drama and negative press to the league? And after the Summer the NBA suffered, due to Donald Sterling, I am sure that the NFL don’t want to suffer the same.

But, it’s Football. A lot of things get a pass there. For example, there are people here that have Church Revivals. In case you’re unfamiliar with those, they are three to five day services that churches have, where they invite a  minister or Pastor from another church to preach the services. At many of these services, people turn their lives over to Jesus and they are changed. Well, a few years ago, My family and I were invited to a revival. I think that Mom had to work for many of the days, but Friday, we all able to go. We got dressed and drove to the church. Well, when we got there, no cars, no people, no sign that people had been there since Sunday. So, we were wondering what happened. Turns out, they scheduled the Revival service to start on Sunday, so that it would end Thursday, so that it wouldn’t interfere with Local Friday Night Football! I had never heard something like that ever! And it’s still going!

The fact of the matter? We all know that people are willing to turn the other cheek, if it means that certain things turn out the way that they want him to.

Somebody probably convinced her and told her that she couldn’t give up a Football player, because some other woman would steal him. Or somebody else said, Love is a Battlefield. Love is messy, he loves you, you pushed a button. Stop nagging’ Or someone else said, Well, it was your fault anyway. You know how we women can be difficult!

Either way, I could not be more disappointed with Janay’s decision to marry him after this. She’s condoning it and that’s just wrong! That is not Real Love.

In Real Love, a Man wants to hold you hand, not hit you with his.

In Real Love, the only kind of tears that a Man wants to see you shed, are those of Joy.

In Real Love, a Man will give you happy days and tries to make the bad days easy to forget.

In Real Love, the woman’s heart, understanding and loyalty are among the Man’s most prized possessions.

In Real Love, He doesn’t hit. He hugs and loves you. Even on those days, when the woman is on his nerves, it’s still not enough to keep him from sticking by you.

There’s a long list.  But, I guarantee you. A Man in Real Love knows the list and know how to utilize it the best of it’s abilities.

I pray Janay will come to her senses. Because she seriously needs it! We all need it!!!


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