Fated Truth by Tasha Gwartney

Hello everyone!

As you know, I love sharing and reviewing books on my blog and tonight, I would like to share one from one of my good friends, Tasha Gwartney.


This story is about a woman named Ella Reese. Ella has always tried to fit into the mold that her parents have felt was ideal for her. And was told not to attempt to stand out in her hometown, where gossip is basically as popular as Monday Night Football. (Okay, maybe more popular!)

After feeling fortunate that she made it through her Senior year in one piece, she embarks on a fascinating journey. Where she learns that she is an incredibly powerful witch and there is a man that has been chosen for her. And she begins falling for her mate, slowly. But, she’s fighting the urges and thoughts that she has, going through her head. About her mate.

However, when she’s reunited with her family, she finds that accept her. Which is a major relief. She is finally getting comfortable with her new life, when suddenly she gets the world that she has now known, rocked. Because of this, chances must be taken and decisions made.

Will she find happiness again? Will her world ever be the same again?


Tasha Gwartney is a great author and she has written and published many great books. She is a Military Wife and Mother and her writing gift began at the age of Ten! She began writing poetry and her words have earned several awards both in Germany and the United States. She loves to paint and she loves photography. Aside from spending time with her family, she loves reading! You’ll never see her without a book. And her dream? To reach readers on a deep and personal level!

Fated Truth is available on Amazon


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