#MyReview – DL Atha’s new releases

Yesterday, I posted a review of DL Atha’s new releases and the interview conducted by Wendy Ewurum on her blog, Fabulosity Reads.

Today, I want to write about the books from a personal point of view of the books.

(If you are interested in reading about the books and finding more about DL and her work, take a look at two posts that I made yesterday. And I’ve also included links to find the books on Amazon.)

“Blood Release” by DL Atha
Amazon $2.99
*Available on Kindle

Blood Reaction is a book that has quite a fascinating backdrop to it. I mean imagine, being a woman that is a Mother, Physician and Farmer. Three incredibly different fields of work. You long to be in a quiet environment. Something different from your day to day norm. Then, you finally get the chance, to enjoy your farm, the animals, the peace and quiet and everything about farm life. Then, the unthinkable.

You suffer a home invasion, of the supernatural sort!

What’s a mind to do? How could you possibly deal with that?

It reminds me of the question that has been asked for the ages. Do you believe in life on other planets? Do you believe that there could be aliens? And if so, what do you think they’d be like?

Well, whether Annalice wondered this or not, I’m sure that she didn’t bargain for what happened. Do to this, she not only has to fight for her life, but also the life of her daughter! Imagine that for a moment.

Parents that adore their children, will already do anything they can for them. To be happy and to be safe. But, what if you were faced with something like this? How would you even know how to combat this? How would you be able to mount up the offense to save your child and yourself?

In this read, you’ll find out. DL really created a book and dialogue that only a mastermind can come up with.

“For the Sake of Revenge”
Available on Kindle on Amazon
In this book, we find the leading lady Tamera, in a quite the conundrum. She is faced, with the serious urge to seek revenge for a horrible wrong, suffered by her. Upon returning to Sitka, Alaska, Tamera is reminded of the sadness that leaving her mother and boyfriend brought to her. Not only did she not have her boyfriend, Peter, but she lost her mother. Even it is believed to be an accident, Tamera knows that this isn’t the case. She knows who’s responsible and she wants to make them pay.

This is where the vampire comes in. Tamera meets this vampire named Adrik and asks him to help her get revenge on the person that got to her mother and killed her.

Reading, I began to think as I often do, when I read. (That’s how you know that it’s a good book!) The age old phrase, “Revenge is so sweet”, can sometimes be overrated. Sometimes, it’s absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t fix anything. It’s pretty much like a band aid. You have it there, to help you heal. But, no matter what, the pain is still there. The cut is still there. The wound is still there. So, all it is, is a temporary fix. Not permanent at all. And that literally causes more problems.

Now, obviously for something like this, all you’d want to do is get justice. All you’d want, is for that person to suffer as much as you have. But, here with Tamera, we see a woman badly scorned and aching to for relief. And she sees Adrik, as that point of relief. She sees Adrik as her answer. But, does she get the relief that she is seeking? Will Adrik be the answer or will a twist happen? Will he end up being the Man she will fall for? Will this love, make her forget about her desire for revenge and help her to enjoy the passionate desire for this vampire?

Log onto Amazon.com and look for these books. You’ll find your answer.

DL Atha has done an outstanding job, putting these books together. She’s made some realistic situations, take off, into supernatural worlds. Not an easy task, but she makes it look and seem effortless. I am grateful to be able to review her books and to promote them here on my blog. And thank you, to Wendy Ewurum! For introducing me to it and DL, and for including me and my blog in another great tour.

(For more information about the books, look at my two previous posts and DL Atha and her books. You can also see the interview with DL and Wendy! Check them out and enjoy!)


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