#Interview with DL Atha

*Here’s the interview conducted through Wendy Ewurum, creator of Fabulosity Reads*

Wendy Ewurum: DL, please tell us about yourself in no more than fifteen words.

DL Atha: I’m a Doctor turned Writer, mother of three, with some crazy stories in my head.

Wendy: We are promoting your two book on this blog. Can you tell us a little more about them?

DL: Blood Reaction is the story of a single female physician who suffers a supernatural home invasion. In order to survive, she has to dig deep inside of her self and her medical training to save not only her own life, but her child’s life as well. It’s a story of the love of a mother for her child and as betrayal and the budding of romance.

Wendy: Blood Reaction is a vampire novel that has a very strong medical theme, what made you decide on that route?

DL: As a physician, I see things first as a scientist and I can certainly see the possibilities of what is “paranormal” now as “science” in the future. Plus it’s easier to write about the familiar.

Wendy: Blood Reaction is also the first in a series, what can we look forward to next?

DL: Annalice, the main character, has to face her new future in the second installment. She was somewhat judgmental in some ways of Asa, the vampire. She’s about find out that his life is not easy as she thought. Plus, she meets a hot new vampire.

Wendy: One of the things that I love most about your writings, is how tightly knit the plot is, you introduce the right amount of detail at just the right time and your characters used sparingly for a specific purpose and the result to me is an uncluttered novel ….I’d like you to tell us a little about your writing style.

DL: With Blood Reaction, I really wanted the reader to feel the isolation of the main character. To feel as though they were right there in that farmhouse. I never truly described her physical appearance so that the reader would picture themselves or to someone, whom they can relate.

Wendy: What other styles do you write in?

DL: I also write some medical non-paranormal thrillers, but paranormal is my favorite!

Wendy: How do you deal with Writer’s Block?

DL: When I have writer’s block, it is essential that I have time to myself. Just to think and imagine. I do a lot of verbal role playing out loud with my characters, which I’m sure sounds strange, but it really helps.

Wendy: Answer the following:

One of my happiest memories:

DL: My happiest moment was my first horse ride. Such Freedom! Such Liberation!

W: My singular eccentricity is:

D: I have to leave one swallow of of whatever I’m drinking in the glass. I have no idea why.

W: I am most productive when:

D: When I’m stressed and sleep deprived.

W: I can’t stand:

D: Seeing food go to waste

W: Writers who have influenced my life and writing are: (Why?)

D: I have always wanted the ability to make a character be so memorable that the reader would feel like they actually knew that person. Margaret Mitchell only wrote One book. But, after I read it, I would have sworn Scarlett ‘O’ Hara had been my next door neighbor. That is Talent.


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