#Book Review – DL ATHA


Once in a while, we get a series that captivates our minds and excites us, whenever we see the subject. DL Atha has brought us two more, to add to the list.

Blood Reaction
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Blood Reaction is about a woman named Annalice, whom is a Physician and a Mother. She is ready to have a distraction from the medical field behind and she wants to immerse herself in the normal activities of her farm. However, she becomes a victim to a vicious invasion. Not of burglary, but of the supernatural. Her home and her life falls prey to a Vampire by the name of Asa, who is a century old.

Annalice is forced to make an impossible decision. She must make a bargain, for her daughter’s life. And facing threats against her daughter’s life, she must rely on her skills as a Physician to overcome the challenges. Annalice finds herself looking for one thing…the Blood Reaction.

For the Sake of Revenge

How far will Tamera go for the mere sake of Revenge? And who would pay the price? She had no idea, as she tipped the bottle of Vampire blood up to her lips. But, she was definitely about to discover the answers to those questions.

As she stepped off of the ferry in Sitka, Alaska, there bittersweet memories awaiting her. Ten years ago, she’d left her mother and her high school sweetheart, Peter, to marry a man that barely knew, only to find herself in a horrific, abusive relationship. She was finally able to escape the relationship, but now she has lost her mother.

The police believed that it was an accident, however Tamera is convinced that her husband was to blame and that she is his next victim. Soon after, Tamera finds the blood of a Vampire named Adrik, whom when human, was falsely accused of raping a Russian heiress and ex-communicated from the church. And as such, he willingly condemned himself to vampirism.

Tamera seeks the buried vampire, in hopes of making a deal. His freedom for her revenge. Will she get her wish? Will Adrik join forces with Tamera for the ultimate revenge?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About the Author~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

DL Atha has the good fortune of being a born and raised native of rural western Arkansas, and she still resides there with her husband and three children, where they enjoy the farm life. She earned her MD in 1999 and currently enjoys the practice of hospital medicine and wound care, which performs full time in a nearby town.

Currently, she’s working on the sequel to “Blood Reaction”

And “For the Sake of Revenge” is the first book that she’s penned, that is a non-medical book.

Her personal list of Favorites, would include: Chocolate, anything old, especially old houses, gardening and horses.


DL Atha: The Interview, being posted next!


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