New Releases – August 5, 2014

Alright everybody!

As you are all well aware of by now, I am reviewing books along with a couple of my great friends, that I made on Facebook. And today, I was given these books by Wendy Ewurum and I am so grateful that she decided to share them with me. And since I have them, I want to share them with you. If you are interested in any of the books that you see, just log onto

Here are the links:


Book Blast: Cursed by Karen Perkins



For the Sake of Revenge & Blood Reactions by DL Atha



#Cover Reveal: Sanguinary by Margo Bond Collins



Hunted by the Past by Jami Gray



Kasper Beaumont



Valkyrie Series




Incredible Reads! Make sure that if you get the chance, please check them out. Let us support our fellow writers and authors. We all know how challenging writing can be. Especially when it’s not for ourselves, but we want the public to see our vision. We want the public to understand where we’re coming from. We want our readers to feel our hearts through our words.

And here, are many different ideas. Represented with clear points of view and each one, individual to the writer and their style of writing. Such artwork. Because to me, that’s exactly what writing is, An Art. For those of us, that can’t paint beautiful pictures and portraits with watercolors, oil, spray paint, we can use our words on the paper.

To me, the paper is the Canvas. The pen or pencil is our paintbrush and the words are our colors. And it is up to us, to see what type of picture that we’ll paint. Hoping that people will see our work and will appreciate the art form and work behind and within it.

I am always excited when I get to review books and share with people. To me, sharing a book or story, is like giving a hug or wisdom. It’s priceless and it stays with you. You might not remember a time when you got an expensive gift, but you will always cherish those stories that were told to you at the kitchen table or on an outing with your friends. You’ll remember when you needed a hug and someone was kind enough to give you one. To let you know, everything is going to be okay and that they are there for you.

That’s what stories and books do for me. And I am hoping, that you browse through these gems and find something that you can sink your teeth into. And then, feel free to share them with others.


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