You live and You Learn

One of the best things about patience and life, is that the more you live, you will learn about yourself and your friends. You will learn about everything. Sometimes, that means you will end being alone, based off of what you find.

There are times, when all you want is be around people. You just want some company. You’re not asking for much, you’re just asking for some people to understand you and appreciate you. But, that doesn’t always happen. Here’s why I’m talking about this.

See, when I was helping my Mother take care of my Grandmother, I would still call and check on people. See, I love to talk to people. I don’t like calling to talk about and gossip about people. But, I like to just check on people. If I don’t have people’s phone numbers, now thanks to social media, I can just inbox people on Facebook. I like to just check on people and I like to make that everybody’s alright. I mean, while we’re going on about our day, you never what misery somebody else might be going through.  So, I would do that as often as possible. Sometimes, while I was sitting in the room with Granny. But, what I didn’t get was, that in return. I wasn’t getting people checking on me. I mean, I wasn’t asking for much. But, I mean people can’t say that they were too busy. Because, let’s think about it. If you’re working and in the middle of the day you can get on Facebook and play Candy Crush, and how I knew that, was based upon the requests that were sent to me. And you know that everything that comes to you on Facebook has a time stamp, just like a text or a phone call on your cell phone.

So, I know that they could just as easily inbox me a message. Just to see how we were doing. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. I have friends that knows that I wasn’t working. Someone could have said, ‘Hey Velvet, is there anything that you and your family needs or something?’ But, no one did that. Now, I am not trying to complain. I’m just saying that people really show you, their true selves when you need them the most.

That’s obvious. But, I’ve learned that there are some people that you just can’t be nice to. So, I’ll just do what I usually do, like Beyonce says, “Be my own best friend!”



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