Fifty Shades of Grey is not that far away!

The world has been on fire since Fifty Shades of Grey hits stores! Pretty much every woman, married or single, has been enthralled with this book! Women dream about what life would be like, if could meet their Christian Grey. Wishing they were Anastasia, utterly fascinated with the way that this man approaches a woman and his ‘take charge’ attitude. The way he keeps a woman, completely. Making her, his.

E.L. James has created one of the most wanted men in the world. And you know what’s the bad part? He’s Fictional!

Reading the book, I began to wish that I knew a Christian Grey myself. A guy with ambition and drive.  Of course, being Hot and well-dressed, doesn’t hurt either.

On Thursday, the official movie trailer release came to television. It was shown on Good morning America! (Just imagine how many viewers GMA had on Thursday, just because of the trailer!) Now, because of the bondage and the freakier stuff, the entire trailer couldn’t be aired on network TV. But, if you want to see the full trailer, it’s available on Youtube. Just type in, “Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer”. It’s a little over two minutes and it’s quite a teaser. And what is a bonus? Beyonce has created an exclusive version of one of her and one of the biggest hits ever, “Crazy in Love”, for the movie. It’s featured in the trailer.

I must say, being a good girl, innocent, seems to be even better right now. It’s give me hope. Maybe, we’ll be lucky enough to meet a Christian at some point.

But, there is another point that my Mother and her co-workers/friends have made. So many married women have been reading Fifty Shades and have been trying to get their husbands, to become more like Christian. But, Mom and her friends feel that it’s putting unrealistic expectations on Men. And I do agree with that. Even though it’s a fascinating book, it’s important to remember that it is a book! I mean, we’ve all read great books and got lost in the words. But, there’s a line. You can’t expect a Man to be like Christian. You’ve got to be responsible and don’t put unrealistic expectations on Men.

I mean, women wouldn’t like it if men wanted to force them to be Halle or Kate Upton. They know that you can’t be those women.  But, you wouldn’t wanted to be compared to them or what your man to try and form you into them. So, it should go both ways.

But, I am looking forward to the movie and I am sure that’s going to be interesting. And I just don’t know how they are going to put the love scenes together. Mom was saying this morning, there’s no way that they can put those kind of love scenes in the movie. I mean, Mom’s heard about it, but she hasn’t read the book. But, based on what her co-workers have told her, she was saying that it’s virtually impossible to put all of that out there. But, I am curious about it.

Well, February 2015, is the month that millions are really excited about. I just wonder one other thing. Where E.L. James get the inspiration for these books? If her mind can create such action, then Man oh Man! What a Mind to possess!



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