An Incredible Vlog: Shanda Says

Earlier today, I was reading a great blog post on BlogHer written by my fellow BlogHer blogger, MrsTee.  She wrote a great post about the similarities of Blogging and Vlogging. She talked about how people think that the vlogging concept is completely different and the approach to development and promotion is different. But, she shared the similarities in each and how vlogging should be taken just as seriously as blogging. I have always been curious about vlogging and I wondered how it works, from the content to the promotion side of it.  I never knew how it worked before and I am so now that I know.

I’ve known about vlogs for a while now, based on a great vlog by Shanda Freeman. I love her vlog on Youtube. She mostly talks about Relationships, Love and Fashion. Of course, she talks about many different important issues. She used to have a vlog with her then husband. She now, has a great book out called, “A Pro-Man Woman”.  She has been vlogging for a few years and she has been successful.

One of the most fascinating things about vlogs, is that it’s basically a visual interpretation of a blog. It’s like instead of blogging and delivering your work in a post, you look into a camera and convey your thoughts, face to face with your viewers. Reading MrsTee’s post, got me to thinking. Which would you prefer? Vlog or Blog? Each one is challenging and each one, deserves the best from it’s creator. Each one needs individual and equal attention. And trust me, I love blogging. But, I think that vlogging is a little more challenging to me, than blogging. I mean, let’s face it. I’ve just started blogging. So, one step at a time.  But, I do admire the vloggers. I think that they have a serious voice and a lot of bravery to take to something as big as Youtube, because everybody watches Youtube and make their own work on it.

I have a Youtube channel, but I haven’t really gathered the nerve to do a video. But, maybe someday.

Vlogging is definitely a strong source that is growing. There are so many people on Youtube, with loyal viewers. I mean, really loyal viewers. And subscribers and thousands and millions of view. It’s really fascinating to see and I think that it’s great. I think that it’s great to see people, do big things right from there own rooms.

Have you ever thought about a Vlog? Have you ever thought about making a video for Youtube? Do you have a Youtube channel? If not, are you curious? If you are, think about what you want to do and be very careful and thoughtful of the direction that you want to take your work in. And the vision that you want to present. Youtube can be a great place to get started, but if you put the wrong message out there, it will stay forever. It is the Internet after all.



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