#Review “Struggles of the Women FolK” by T.M. Brown

“Struggles of the Women Folk” is a powerful book that shows the stories that our women have faced for some time. I am so proud of Ms. Brown for making the decision to write this book. Being kind of enough to share the stories that her grandmother shared with her.

The basis of this story is reminiscent of the conversations that grandmothers, aunts, and the girls of the families have been having for generations.

Georgie is the voice of Black girls and women. Her challenges, her dark days, her pain are the ones that we feel. They are the lashes that our hearts haven’t forgotten. They are worries that our minds still remember. See, what Georgie went through, is still relevant today. The troubles and struggles that we have, still searching for our spot in society. Still walking around and around the table, trying to find our seat.  Doing back-breaking work, just trying to make ends meet. Trying to find a way to support ourselves and our families. We’re still that odd duck, that walks into a library or a classroom, with the obvious question looming so strongly over the heads of many students, that you basically see the words written in the air. “What are they doing here? Can they read and write? I mean, Have you heard them talk? All they know how to do, is speak in slang!”

These conversations are still echoed in the whispers and conversations behind closed doors.  Yes, times are different. But, we’ve all got a long journey ahead.

We’ve all been that girl that walked into a room. Looking good and stylish. We’ve been the one that has turned heads for all kinds of reasons. Some, were impressed, others were jealous. We’ve all ran into that girl, that thought she was all that, and nobody could touch her. We’ve all been around that girl, who is the bad influence and we’ve all been around that girl has told us, “You’re just mad and you’re jealous. Because you ain’t got what I got and you can’t do what I do!” We all know what that’s like.

I say that, to say this. No matter where you come from in the world, we’ve all can share similar experiences. Whether you’re from Louisiana or Johannesburg. We all can relate on “Tales of the Sistahs”!

This book, stands alone. As do we. It stands boldly, representing us. In our many colors and facets. It represents the girl that is told her hair isn’t naturally curly, it’s just nappy! It represents the girl that is telling everybody that she’ll become a famous singer one day or run her own company. She’s instantly patronized with a, “That’s nice, baby!” This story, represents the girl that grew up on the south side of Chicago and went to Princeton. Where a white girl refused to be her roommate, because she was black. Now, that girl’s roommate is the President of the United States and she’s the First Lady!

See, this story is a like a stew of all of the flavors, that makes up our society. The pioneering women of our families are the ham hock, that strong meat that give us that flavor. That base, that you just can’t get anywhere else. Then, there’s the vegetables and the seasonings that all of our experiences collectively add to the mix. We bring a special blend of greatness to our world. And women like T.M. Brown, does an excellent job combining our stories for us. Thank you, Ms. Brown, for your motivation and your inspiration. Thank you, for going against the grain and speaking through Georgie, to us. Thank you, for the fearlessness that you have, to share our stories with the world.

We appreciate you and I am honored to honor you, on my blog!

Everyone, T.M. Brown’s “Struggles of the Women Folk” is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Please check it out!



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