#New Release – T.M. Brown’s “Struggles of the Women Folk”

“Struggles of the Women Folk” by T.M. Brown.


T.M. Brown is an internationally known author and storyteller, with  a past that provides a great deal of inspiration to write from!

Her first book is, “A Life Not My Own”, kicks down the secret door that Tina had worked so hard to lock away her own insecurities, heartache and fear.

*5 STAR rated Just Between Us – Inspiring Stories by Women. TM short story’s is a continuation of “A Life Not my Own”, providing a little more information about her young adult life.  Expect the Un expected…

“Struggles of the Women Folk”, is based on fictional characters with a storyline from stories that her Grandmother shared with her as a child.

Ms. Brown has been a proud member of our Military for seven years, Enlisted. She has a Master of Science Degree in System Engineering – Regis University –  Denver, Colorado and she has an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology – University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

****************Words from the Author*********************

“Struggles of the Women Folk” is based on fictional characters created from stories that my Grandmother shared with me when I was a child. It is the story of Georgie, a young Black girl in the south during the 1940s. I hope that you can appreciate her pain, suffering and betrayal as you travel with her on highs and lows you won’t anticipate.  This is the story of a woman’s courage, love, strength, and faith that exists within each and every one of us, whether we know it or not…


Contact information

T. M. Brown

http://author-tmbrown.com/ and tm.brown@yahoo.com


Available now:



Barnes and Noble



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