A story that I’ve been following

As usual, there’s so much going on, until it’s hard to keep up with it all. We’ve seen some incredible feats and we’ve seen some tragedies. And on Blogher, I’ve been keeping up with this story that has been developing. On Blogher, I’ve been writing about this story on this young girl named Victoria.

Victoria is an adorable three year old girl,  was brutally attacked and mauled by the vicious Pitbulls. Victoria was spending time with her Grandfather and his girlfriend. When these three pitbulls broke into the house and brutally attacked her.

Victoria has lost an eye, has broken jaws, paralyzed on the left side of her face and has serious bruises.  She has been through a horrific experience and she is still going through it.  Her Grandfather and his girlfriend were both arrested for Child Negligence.

Now, the situation gets worse. Apparently, it was stated by Victoria’s Grandmother, that the family went to KFC and was getting ready to settle down for dinner. When one of the employees came up to them and asked them to leave. Why? Because Victoria’s face was ‘scaring the customers’! Now, when this happened, Victoria’s Grandmother took to Facebook and created a page. Explaining the situation to the world. They immediately got a lot of likes and a lot of support from people. And at the time, a spokesperson for KFC, said that they were looking into the matter and that actions would be taken.

Recently, the chain KFC that Victoria and her family went to, are now saying that they didn’t say those things. They are saying that this incident never happened. People are beginning to wonder, if Victoria’s Grandmother made this up, in order to get money.

Here’s what I think. First of all, I hate that this happened to this little girl. I hate that this little girl has been going through this misery. And I would really hate it, if people are using this girl’s horrid misfortune, as a way to get publicity and money. I would hate if people were trying to take advantage of such a sweet and innocent little girl. If KFC did do this, they should answer for such heinous treatment.  If Victoria’s Grandmother is making this up, she to should be ashamed of herself and she should answer for that. But, here’s the kicker. If KFC really didn’t do this, why would they take this long to say that? Now, I realize this all happened a couple of weeks ago.  But, I know that if someone lied on me and I knew it, I wouldn’t take that lying down! I would be so passive. I wouldn’t be one of those people that would just say, ‘Oh whatever! This will go away eventually!” No, I wouldn’t have that non-chalant attitude. If the KFC employee knows that they didn’t say that, then they shouldn’t have taken such a long time, coming forward with the truth.

So, it leads your mind to thinking one thing. Who’s telling the Truth? Who is right here? I know one person that’s not wrong, it’s young Victoria. One of God’s beautiful angels that he has on this earth and I want her to be happy. She deserves that.

I certainly hope that Victoria will get better. I hope that this situation will work out for the best. I hope that Victoria will be happy and that she will get the best. Because this battle, is not helping anyone. But, it’s hurting everyone.

Let us pray for this situation and Let us pray for Victoria and everyone involved. Because they all need it. And so all of us.


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