A simple day that started out in an exhausting way. Last night, Mom’s back was hurting brutally. Stiff as can be. At work and and I was at home, worried. So much so, that I couldn’t sleep. So, that was the start. Today, she came home and I was exhausted to. And I had to go job hunting.

Then, it started raining. And it rained! I got caught in heavy rain a couple of times and I must say, that even though I love rain, it’s always interesting to get caught in the rain, while you’re out on the job hunt. Because, you’re worried about your resumes and papers getting wet, and your clothes as well.

Then, I came back and clean. I blogged and I cook and I cleaned. A few hours ago, Mom was getting ready to go to work and she started experiencing nausea. And she experienced it so bad, that she vomited before she went to work! It was crazy! And by the grace of God, she was able to get out of work.  So, she’s home tonight and I am so happy that she’s feeling better.

I’ve been cleaning and cleaning, until the house began to smell like, we were in an actual bottle of cleaner! Okay, so I got a little too active with the cleaning and I was a bit lavish with the detergent. I get like that when I clean. I can go nuts. And I am a rare young person.

See, most people my age, would love to spend money on clothes, hair and technology. But me, I love finding a great bargain on detergent and food. I love having plenty of things to clean with and I panic when I run out. It’s like a lifeline for me. As stupid as that sounds, it is.

So tonight, I will be going to bed sooner than I did last night and I plan on sleeping.

I have so many things to blog about. But, since I’ve been running all day on basically three or less hours of sleep, I don’t want to mess it up. So, I will be making fuller blog posts this week. So, I look forward to talking to you.

Wide awake next time!


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