#New release – Braided Springs by Kaprice Potter

Cara Wyatt fell in love with her best friend.

Delaney Blake loves Cara just as much as she loves him.

Both of them have yet to share how they feel about each other.

They both want a chance to see what it would be like, if they could make something happen.  What it would be like the fear that have, vanished. Making a way for them to finally be together.

One day, Cara and Delaney get their wish. A unique circumstance bring them together and they are put in the position, to come clean about their mutual feelings.

But then, Delaney is faced with a dilemma. He must choose between Cara and his future! He is scared and upon this problem, Cara decides to eject herself from his life, in order to avoid rejection.

Later, not only is she faced with re-visiting rejection, she’s also faced with secrets that she has kept from him, coming to light.  What will she do? How will this effect them? What are the secrets?

================About the Author====================

Kaprice Potter has been in love with romance novels since she was child. The idea that the handsome prince charming would be her husband and best friend. She was fascinated with Anne of Green Gables. Dreaming of Anne and Gilbert’s relationship.

Currently, she lives in rural Minnesota with her husband and three children. And since she enjoyed reading those stories so much, she’s decided to write them as well.  As a mother of young boys, she often wonders if they will be the bad boys of many a girls’ fantasies or if they will take the lessons that she’s teaching them and help them understand that the romances are fictional.

To read Kaprice’s blog, the link is below.



*Courtesy of Tracee Ford.



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