#Cover Reveal – M.R. Joseph

Earlier this month, I was honored to post the book introductions and covers of M.R. Joseph’s new releases. Well yesterday, The Official cover reveal happened on Facebook on the page of Author and fellow blogger, Tracee Ford.

“Always In” by  M.R. Joseph is a beautiful love story about giving into the love that you want. Not being afraid to step out and claim that love that your heart skip a beat. Well, let me tell you. When I saw the cover of the book, I instantly fell in love!

It’s just beautiful. I mean, to me looking at the cover, it spoke to me. Personally, I think  that a beautiful or a powerful cover, is basically like a thesis statement. It’s an introduction and a summary of what to expect. Of what to look forward to. So, when I saw this cover, I instantly got the story. I understood what the characters when through, based upon the relief and utter bliss shown on the faces of the man and woman, adorning the book. It seems as if they felt the story.

So, I wanted to share with you the cover. If you want more information on M.R. Joseph, log onto Facebook, Author M.R. Joseph, and Tracee Ford on Facebook as well. Below, I am sharing the links to check out all of the covers. If you’re interested in the books, log onto on Amazon.com.







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