Biting the hand that feeds you? Yeah, Stupid!!!

In case you don’t know, in January of this year, I lost my Grandmother.

Mom and I were her sole caregivers and she was bedridden for over six months. It was a difficult challenge for her and for us, too. It wasn’t easy to be there and watch her suffer. But, she was a champion. And she was a warrior! A great woman that her family, her siblings’ families, church families and people in the neighborhood. Everyone called her, ‘Mother’ and rightfully so. She was a Mother to everyone. No one was too big or too small for her to care for! And if you thought you were too big, then she was quick to let you know, she was the Grown person! And you didn’t forget that. Even Pastors knew, this a woman who was not afraid to tell them what she thought and she didn’t back down. So, they greatly respected her!

Well, she would cook for everybody, including the neighbors.  And one of the neighbors that she would cook for, pray for and put up with, was the son of one of her best friends! She and his father went to church together and knew each other for a long time. They had great respect for one another and My Mom went to school with the Son and his Wife. And I ended up having a stupid, major crush on the son’s son, (who is ten years older than I, but, nothing happened there. So, forget I brought it up! 🙂  )

Anyway, Granny would do everything she could for him. Even when she couldn’t stand up that long, she would sit down and give me the instructions to make her famous biscuits that everybody that ate them, loved so much! I would get the ingredients and listen, as she told me how to put it together. Well, to see the kind of disrespect that he’s been showing lately, makes me wonder as he ever really appreciated her. Has he ever really enjoyed the things that she did for him, or was he just enjoying the attention? The love, the understanding? The free food? It makes me question the loyalty and dedication that he claims he had, for her.

I have really been taken aback at the sheer and utter crap that has been coming out of his mouth lately! I mean, it’s really been shocking. He been making all kinds of snarky remarks towards me, that I really don’t appreciate. And I must, I have had enough. I have had enough! I will not be around someone that can’t respect the woman that has been a Grandmother, second mother, vice-principal, teacher, best friend, sister and so much more to me.  I will not allow him to dishonor her name like that. I want to say a lot of things to him. But, I’m not trying to lose myself and be disrespectful to my elder, (him), like he’s being to my Grandmother. I’m trying to rise above that and be the person that I was raised to be. So, If I’m trying to be that person, then there’s only one thing to do. That is, leave alone and stay away from him! Just stay out of his way. By the way, he’ll get his. I’m not worried about that. I am responsible for my own actions, not his. He’s a Grown Man. I will not degrade myself and stoop to his level. Besides at this point, I don’t think that I could get that low.  For as one of my favorite characters, FogHorn LegHorn said,

“He’s lower than a snake full of buckshots!”



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