The loss of a Legend!

Maya Angelou was an incredible legend that had a stunning way with words. She had the power to speak to you and touch your soul. The reason why she touched your soul, is because it came from hers.

When she spoke, you felt it. You believe it. You saw it. You saw what she was talking about. You saw what she meant. When you reflect upon her words, you find how they fit into your life. One of my favorite saying by her is, “If someone shows you who they really are, believe them”. My gosh, what a true word that is!

That has stuck with me and that has been shown to me, relentlessly. Everywhere I look, I see exactly what she was talking about.

Being such a powerful source in the world, not just in the black community alone. Her words have echoed through the air and in the valleys. Over the Mountains and through the woods. There’s not a single person that can say, that her work hasn’t touched them in some way. She put her heart into her work. And as a person that loves to write, that’s what you dream of.

You dream of your work touching people and making them feel your soul and your heart through your words. Ms. Angelou was a master of this art. She made everyone that she came into contact with, feel special and loved.

Ms. Angelou will be loved and missed forever. Her work will live on. Through the ages and  through us, that love and admire her. We will never forget her and her work.

Ms. Angelou, you are amazing! Your work has inspired us and moved us. You, selflessly shared your heart, soul, and life through your work. You have gone through so many places, to inspire and to enlightened people. You have done things for people, that many of us will never know about, to help and motivate them. We may not know every specific, loving gift that you’ve given,  but God knows! We love and miss you! You are a Queen and always will be!

Rest in Peace Maya Angelou!!!! We love you and miss you!!!!


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