M.R. Joseph – Author

*From Tracee Ford – Tracee’s Sparkling Promo Series

Today, I am highlighting the work of an incredibly talented author, M.R. Joseph.

M.R. Joseph is a well-known author. She has created a very successful series called, “The Reunion Series”. Books in the series are: “You belong with me” and the starter, “Reunion”. And she has added another great edition to her series.

The latest installment is entitled, “Letters to Luca”. The story is about a woman named Leighton. She was a shy girl in high school who was head over heels for her crush, Luca.  She would write letters to him, sharing her feelings with him. She was certain that if he found out who was writing them, she would automatically be rejected.   Luca would receive the letters, never knowing who was this girl so in love with him. But, she was in his head! She moved and touched him with her words and he could not forget how she made him feel.

But, through a chance meeting ten years later, they reunite at their high school reunion. Finally, Luca meets his mystery woman. The question is, can they be together? Will life happen and keep them from finally becoming what they’d both been dreaming about for over a decade?

This is indeed, a fascinating story. One, that is so relatable and common. And that’s one of things that I think makes it such a great read.

And the reviews are just as amazing for this book, as is the rest of the series. I am incredibly happy to be able to be a part of this blog tour and I  hope that all of you, will take a look at her work, share it and enjoy it. For more on M.R., you look her up on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/mrjoseph and here on the links to her book,  on Amazon.



I am looking forward to seeing more from M.R. Joseph and I can’t wait to read this book!

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