Do Better!

You know yesterday, I was sitting at home and I was listening to some great pastors on TV. First, I heard Bishop T.D. Jakes and then I watched Joyce Meyer. Shortly after, I watched Joel Osteen. Each and every one of them were all talking about such great things.

Bishop Jakes was talking about time. How we can be wasting time with the wrong people. And when we suddenly let go of them, we find ourselves with a lot more time on our hands. I must say, I definitely find that to be true. I’ve experienced that personally. Where when you devote so much time to a group of people and they are not returning that, then you start to wonder. Are these people really my friends or are they takers? Are they gaining more out of this friendship, because of me, than I am?

It makes you wonder about some things. I started thinking, would I be further ahead or not? Then, I heard Joyce Meyer. She was talking about taking care of yourself. She was telling this story about a Man. Who said that he loved to drink soda and it never bothered him, until he got older. And she was saying how important it was, to eat healthy and drink your water.

Now, obviously, those are things that I should be doing anyway. But, have you ever had those times when there are things that you know you should be doing better, but for some reason or other you just don’t do it? Yeah, well we all know that for some of us, this happens with adopting healthy habits.

And Joel was talking being a miracle. He was talking about how we’re always praying for a miracle, but we should try to be that miracle that we’re praying for. We should try to do right, even if it inconveniences us. He said that we should be like the Good Samaritan and give it our all.

There were so many great lessons that I heard last night and I really enjoyed the sermons that I heard. These are really gifted speakers and I am very happy that I got to receive such great messages.

We’ve all got a lot of learning and growing to do. Everybody has changes to make and sometimes, we just need to hear a good sermon, in order to help us get there.

Basically, we all must Do Better!


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