Free Time

One thing about being unemployed, is that you find yourself with a lot of free time. Too much free time! When you’re not out looking for jobs and trying to organize your information properly, reading books to make sure that you’re doing things right, and cleaning the house, you have a lot free time!

How do you fill that free time? What all do you do with it?

A questions that was just asking myself when I was trying to figure out what I was going to blog about. I had no idea and a case of writer’s block. And boy, do I hate when that happens! Just horrible. And all of you, know exactly what I am talking about.  When you’re in front of your computer and you’re just staring at a blank page. No ideas at all.Nothing is coming to you and you just don’t know how to remedy that.

That’s one of the reasons why I really want to be employed! I can’t wait until I get a good job. Because, I really want to become a part of the workforce and contribute to the planet. I sincerely hope that that day of working will come. In the meantime, Blog development.

This is something that is incredibly important to me. I want to develop this blog into being what I hope, want and know it can be. I’ve been looking for and at a lot of blogs and I am enjoying myself. I am really enjoying these blogs that I’ve been able to see and comment on.  Beautiful, Fresh, Creative and Insightful. Blogs of all shapes and sizes. Love them!!!

So, I am working on filling my free time and making it work in the best way it can, for my blog and for potential work that I plan on doing in the future.

I will be keeping you posted!!!


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