Our first Mother’s Day without Granny

A while back, Mom and I knew that we’d be getting flowers for my Grandmother. But, we weren’t sure if we going to put them in the church or not. So, we decided to keep it simple and just take some flowers to the cemetery.

Mom had a test that she had to do and I ran some errands. She told me that if I could, to stop by the store and pick out a flower. Well, I went to the store and I found beautiful flowers and they look like something that Granny would love. But, what I didn’t know, was that on the lunch that Mom had, she went and bought beautiful flowers, too. Somehow, we bought the exact same flowers!

Since we buried Granny, Mom has been very nervous that she wouldn’t be able to go back. She was just scared. And I told her that if she didn’t want to go back, that I would put the flowers out there. But, I also didn’t want her to be nervous. So, all I did was just support her, to determine what she felt the most comfortable with.

So today, after she got back from her test, (And fortunately, she passed the test!) She told me that she got up the nerve to go out to the cemetery and put flowers on Granny’s grave and My Great-Grandmother, her Grandmother’s grave.

Mom wanted me to drive and while I was driving, she told me that she was getting nervous. And I could see that, too. But, I reassured her that I was with her and I would help her through it. She asked the Lord for help and he granted it. She was great! She did great! I was so proud of her. She was as strong as her parents, grandparents and family taught her to be.

Mom has had quite a day and I made sure that she had a nice meal and now, she’s relaxed and happy. Today, was quite a day for us. But, Granny helped us through it. We all love Granny and miss her so much. I am hopeful that this Mother’s Day will be a beautiful and happy day. And I am sure that it will be!


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