R&R: How do you relax?

As Summer time nears, many people have started making their summer vacations. While others, started months ago. For some, as early as last Summer! While many of us, are not going on summer vacations, we’ve got to figure out things to relax and give ourselves that great, comfortable feeling.

I have never liked Vacations. It’s nothing against vacations. I loved looking at new locations and trying new food. I haven’t been too many places, but I do enjoy new things. It’s just that, on vacations that we’ve been on before, there was nothing to do. And well technically, they weren’t really vacations. We were away from home for several days and we couldn’t come back right away, so in my mind, that counted as a vacation. Anyway, back to the point.

I haven’t been on a vacation in a long time and after this past year that we had, everyone says that we need to go away somewhere. But, neither one of us, is trying to have one right now.  However, I have always had ways of getting away and traveling to exciting places.

I love READING!!! I mean, I really love Reading!!!! I am able to escape into the world that I am reading about. I absolutely love it! It’s a lot of fun and I get make up whatever character I want or become whomever I want. It’s my way of being in my own world and I can have a blast for as long as I want.


Watching shows like, “Party On” on E! with Jacque M. Wood from “The Bold and the Beautiful” and looking beautiful homes on TV and Fashion, it takes me to another world and I am able to forget everything challenging that I am going through. I am able to enjoy myself and pretend that I am living in beautiful and exotic locations.

For me, these are some of the most amazing things about Relaxation. I can just sit comfortably in the chair in the summer, in front of a fan or the air conditioner, and just daydream. I can daydream the night and day away.

Frankly, I already have my summer vacation plans made. I plan on going to Spain, London, France and many beautiful locations. All without leaving my home or my couch.

Maybe, one day I’ll get to visit those places and enjoy them in person. Until then, TV and my Mind will have to do. What do you do, to relax? How do you relieve the stresses of the day and of your mind? Feel Free to comment.


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