Easter Weekend

As we all know, Today marks the first of the Three days of Easter.

Today, Mom and I went to my Aunt’s Church today for service.  It was their annual Good Friday program, called ‘The Last Seven Words of Jesus Christ’.

I’m  not sure if many people are familiar with this type of program, so I’ll explain it.

Seven different Preachers are asked to speak at the church and each Preacher is given a Word to preach about. So, everyone was really happy to be a part of it.

Mom wanted to go to the service and she worked all night last night. But, she was able to go and I wanted to join her. So I went. And it was great! Every Preacher did a Great job and they all had a fantastic time.

It was great to go back to the service for the first time in years and I am really happy that Mom got to enjoy it. This time of year, is such an important time, in so many ways. The most important of those, being God sacrificing his Son, for us. To save us. Jesus was sent to save the World and everyone in it. And the sacrifice that Jesus made, can’t be placed into words.

We are so lucky that the Lord loves us and that he was willing to sacrifice his life, to pay for our sin an iniquities. So, no matter whether you’re going to church or not, take some time out and pray. Pray and Thank God for his Son and thank Jesus for his huge sacrifice. Thank him for everything that he’s done for you. Always pray and Thank him for everything.

Happy Easter everybody!


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