Amazing Blogs to Read

How many of you love surfing the net to find new blogs that you may not have heard of? Maybe there’s a blog that you about through the grapevine and goggled it, to check it out?

Well, I know for a fact that I absolutely love to look for new blogs. Many days, I’ll just sit down and look for blogs and as we all know, there are thousands to choose from. New blogs are arriving everyday and all it takes it the right motivation to turn that blog from an unknown to one of the most sought after blogs in the blogosphere.

So, a while ago, I found some great blogs on and I just had to check them out. And since I did and love them, I wanted to share then with you. And if you’ve  got time,  i think that you’ll really enjoy them. And please make sure that you drop by the “About Me” pages on their blogs and you’ll discover the reasons behind their passions and their blogs.


Bianca from Avant Blargh Created by Avant Blargh


Stop it Right Now  Created by Jayne


Honey and Silk  Created by  Stephanie Liu


The Global Girl     Created by NDOEMA


Margie Plus  Created by Margie


Glisters and Blisters         Created by Michelle


Fated to be Hated         Created by Bebe Zeva


Couture Lust              Created by  Suad Eissa


The Fabric Snob          Created by  Apneet Kaur


Love Aesthetics            Created by Ivania Carpio


These are some great blogs and I just had to share them with you. I hope that if you’re not too busy, that you’ll check them out. And share them, if you feel the same way about them!



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