Working on Work

After a long, long, search, I am finally (hopefully) getting employed! It has been a long time coming and I have been searching for work in so many different sectors. I have gone to school to build myself an educational resume that would be great enough to open up more opportunities for myself. All I wanted, was the opportunity to show myself and get myself a great job.

For over a year, Mom and I were taking care of my Grandmother and I was going to business school online. I was trying to find work the entire time and I couldn’t find anything. And it was far more difficult to find work, considering the fact that I was looking for work within a certain criteria. I was looking for a day job, working the 9 to 5 shift. I needed to be home in the morning when Mom got home from working and I needed to be home before she got up to back to work that night.

I was wondering and frustrated. And trust me, those are two terrible feelings. I hated it. I wrote up my resumes, including information about myself. I would pray and ask God for guidance and I still do. I was just hoping that something good would turn up for me. Having school bills and working on a college degree, while unemployed in today’s world, is much harder than it used to be. Because, expenses add up. So, everybody that is or has been unemployed, can definitely relate.

After I lost my Grandmother three months ago, I had to look at my resume and see what I needed to change. On each one, I wrote about the situation that my family was in and why I needed a job within my special criteria. But, I took another look at it and I was trying to figure out how to construct my resume now. I just didn’t how to re-construct my work, because it was hard. It meant that if I re-wrote my resume and took out my reasons, that it meant it was real. It meant that Grandma wasn’t here anymore and that is taking some time to adjust to. But, on Monday, I visited my family doctor. Whom has been a family friend for many years. He and I had a great chat and he told me a lot of things to help me get a job. He gave me some advice and told me to add in my reasons to my resume.

It felt so good, knowing that I was doing it the right way. It felt good, knowing that I can put it back in. So, that’s what I’m doing. In the meantime, I am working as a Tutor online and I am incredibly excited. I certainly hopeful that I make a difference in someone’s life. I hope that I can help someone realize their real potential, grow and develop their minds in new and exciting ways.

I will be letting you know how it goes, as things progress.


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