What a way to keep us hanging on, Scandal!!!

First of all, please allow me to say, I LOVE SCANDAL!!!!!

I just do! And everything about it! It is so rare for there to be a show that I love like this and that I just look forward to every week, without fail. And just like all of the fans, I hate when it’s not on. That’s how you know that it’s a phenomenal show.

And of course, week after week, there is always an amazing cliffhanger, that keeps you mind going until the next episode. Each episode, getting and being better than the last. But, what I find absolutely amazing, is how this show is tackling such major issues and all of them just look so stylish while doing it. I mean, we all know that Olivia is always the epitome of edgy and class. But, we see Abby and Quinn, looking the same. And of course, the Men of Scandal looking dapper as always. And Mellie looks every bit the first lady.

And tonight’s episode, has fans all over the country, biting their nails and hoping that the setup doesn’t happen.

See, Olivia’s mother, to which has been on the loose, has obtain a huge bomb. I mean, we’re talking the Big Daddy of Bombs. And guess who it’s for? That’s right. President Grant!

(I wonder does she know that she’s potentially killing her daughter’s boyfriend? Yeah, she probably does.)

Anyway, Olivia and the Gladiators have been trying to shut down B613. And Olivia’s father was once Command. But, President Grant placed Jake Ballard in his post. So, now Jake is in command. And Olivia’s father has been giving Olivia advice about B613 and what needs to happen in order to be destroyed. Just when Jake had eyes on Olivia’s mother with bomb, everything shut down. And here’s how that happened.

Hock told Olivia that in order to shut B613, that she needed to get this device that he gave her, to be attached to Jake’s phone. They needed codes and everything under the sun. So, Olivia when over to Jake’s place. This was after, Jake went to her places days before, hoping that she would let him in. But now, she sneaked in while Jake was sleeping. He heard a noise and grabbed his gun. When he turned the corner, he saw Olivia standing there. They stared at each other and barely said much. Then, the feelings that Jake has for Olivia overcame him and before you know it, BAM! Love Scene! And indeed, quite a love scene. When Jake went to sleep, she turned over, reached into her purse and attached the device to his phone.

Which brings us to the end, when Olivia and the Gladiators were celebrating their victory on the B613 shutdown. Just then, Jake came bursting into the office, grabbed Olivia by the throat, slamming her into the wall and using his other arm, to point a gun back at the gladiators, daring them to move. He shouted at Olivia, “What have you done?!” And she, with severe rasp in her voice, replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”  He then said, “Well, let me break it down to you. You just Killed the  President!!!”


Talk about an episode that people are going to be talking about all week, into next week. And next week,  is the last episode, before the finale.

What do you think is going to happen? How do you think things are going to work? Do you think the President Grant will be okay?

Well, I certainly hope so. There’s a lot going on Scandal. Far too much to  put into one blog post. But, I’ll tell you one thing. God knows, Shonda Rhimes has a REAL Gift for writing!!! I mean, it’s just amazing!!! Brilliant work, Brilliant, Writing, Brilliant, Acting and an absolutely Brilliant Show!!!!



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